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DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil Culture

DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil Culture

What happened to the 'American Experience' National Public Radio Perpetuates?

The 'Faces Of America,' an NPR promoted program. The individual immigrant spirit, the forever blue sky of freedom, accomplishment, Democracy that all people can pursue, the awe inspiring freedom of speech guaranteed by our magnificent US Constitution, Articles Bill of Rights. America beacon to the world "A Thousand Points of Light.' That America no longer exists no matter what status or wealth that you have attained or ultimate distraction and diversion sporting events that you helped fill to capacity. That once a upon a time 'American Experience!' is tragically over regardless of the number of farcical 'Liberty Medals,' artificial fiat money, and bogus high principals that are minted, printed, and communicated. Just glance at the best propaganda fiat money can buy by crony mainstream media distractions. Striking propaganda examples jingoistic and insidious sport events, periodicals, financial news, and the ultimate sham Hollywood TV conduit to the citizenry. The primary DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil subject matter is a monopoly of articles written, spun, and depicted by seven and eight figure overrepresented underachievers who express and promote contempt for world citizenry lacking sagaciousness with every foul odor of written sentence, image, and double speak controlled communications.`

The Spirit of the 'American Experience' Transformed by DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil Culture

Nor the government nor any particular group "owns" Free Speech. 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Discovery then is no 'big deal' that the 'American Experience' no longer exists rather replaced and transformed to insidious reverse 'Hate Speech' rigged corrupt markets, and genocide scams by the overrepresented D.C. neo-con corrupt apparatus, New York Park Avenue parasite banking barons, and finally lazy intellect Hollywood and media conduits. Lets begin at the zenith with the neo-con DC apparatus agenda of extreme diversions deflections and attacks against the spirit of the 'American Experience.'

The D. C. Foreign Policy Evil Apparatus Bill Kristol's 'Emergency Committee'?' Give Me A Break

Article Foreign Policy Magazine: "Via Ben Smith at Politico, we learn that the usual suspects have started yet another organization whose objective is to promote a hard-right, Likudnik agenda in the Middle East. The new group apparently intends to go after anyone who thinks U.S. Middle East policy has been less than totally successful in recent years, and who is willing to think for themselves (and U.S. interests), instead of reflexively echoing the positions favored by AIPAC and other groups in the "status quo" lobby. Bottom line: If you want to kill off any prospect for peace, ensure that Israel's current difficulties multiply, and reinforce anti-Americanism throughout the region, by all means back any of the candidates that the "emergency committee" endorses." Posted By Stephen M. Walt

New York Systemic Financial Scams and Park Avenue Parasite Banking Baron Evils

The evil unreality and promise sold by Wall Street and New York Park Avenue parasites are nothing but simple pyramid scheme theft methodology. Favorites such as the greatest rip off and theft of labor, property, and assets of the Century, the 401K. The 401K is tax deferred not TAX FREE. Therefore, your future ROI and principal investment is subject to the whim of absolute control by corrupt private banking barons of fiat monetary policy, monetizing debt, rigged markets, total control of interest rates, prices, contracts, future taxes, future ROI values, and inflation. Everyday citizenry is totally delusional and sold on the "magic of compound interest" and ignor the combination of corrupt evil culture operating to their detriment. That these parasites will not guarantee the high principled diversions 'American Experience' and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams, over many decades. Consequently, trading your labor, property, and hard assets for worthless fiat debt scams result in a zero sum scheme over long periods of time.

The instantaneous reverse pyramid evil scam theft of labor, property, and hard assets or The Big Bank Job: The Insanity of the $700 Billion Giveaway Michael Hudson..."What it can do is provide a one-time transfer of wealth to insiders who already have been playing the debt-credit system and siphoning off its predatory financial proceeds to themselves." paragraph "The very first course in economics –starting in high school, followed up in college and then refined in graduate school – should explain to students why it is false to believe the advertisement that Wall Street has been trying to sell for the past half century: The deceptive promise that an economy can get rich off the mathematical “magic of compound interest.” The unreality of this promise should be immediately apparent by looking at the math of exponential growth. The “magic of compound interest” refers to the tendency of savings to double and redouble exponentially, with a matching rise in what debtors owe on the other side of the balance sheet. The power to indebt others to oneself can be achieved by free credit creation. However, the resulting mushrooming exponential growth in indebtedness must collapse at the point where its interest and other carrying charges (now augmented by exorbitant late fees, bounced-check fees, credit-card costs and other penalties) absorb the entire economic surplus. But there is a great reluctance to accept the fact that debts cannot be paid.

“The poor are honest,” as one banker explained to me, poor people believe that “a debt is a debt” and must be paid. (This is not what Donald Trump, Bear Stearns or A.I.G. believe, but they are at the top of the economic pyramid, not its base.)

Lazy Intellect Hollywood Perpetuates Fantasy and Jingoistic Discrimination Insidious Hatred

Where have our heroes gone? At one time, we could find them among us, always visible when danger appeared. They were bigger than life, incredible looking, noble-minded and respectful of all that was good and decent. They were part of a world that honored beauty, skill, and fair play. They were our European-American brethren. "Minorities are well promoted because they regularly attack or compete against traditional majority interests — especially if they denigrate white Christian or family values." Posted By Merlin Miller c. July 7, 2010 ... Elena Kagan's disturbing refusal to acknowledge pre-existing rights. ... The First Amendment does not say, "The people shall have a right to free speech... then voted against it), Kagan is refusing to answer questions relating to reverse Hate Speech. Posted by Kagan's alarming show in Congress. Her favorite humor is denigrating predominate Christian American values by repeating automaton verses of philo-affinity for Israel and her pathetic cadence 'her favorite Jewish activity is consumption of Chinese food at the Christmas Holidays. No one really cares about these particular subject matters and they certainly have no validity regarding an appointment to the Supreme Court of the US! Ms. Kagan by her extreme lack and show of self- dignity, humanity, lazy intellect, and attachments in spirit to artificial self anointed victims that she will be working to the detriment and will of 'We The People.'

DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil Culture Collusion and Great Failure

Failure transformed by farcical opportunist diversions. Then it should be no surprise that the evil and contentious zombie supreme DC predatory political, New York racketeering economic systems, and proxy Hollywood media propaganda machine that refuse to provide health care, public services or financial opportunity to its own citizenry is resorting to war and militarism using the diversion of reverse methodologies and reverse insidious 'Hate Speech' double speak. Unaccountable above the law, in a desperate effort to feed its insatiable appetite for imperial divide conquer world conquest through its proxy and pretext artificial State of Israel and their glorious self anointed arrogant victim status. To accelerate tragic failure ensure that the responsible corrupt DC-New York-Hollywood Axis of Evil Culture continue to transform the 'American Experience' into a total and absolute philo-affinity for proud self anointed victims since 2500AD with the entire global community looking on in absolute disbelief. Simultaneously, disconnected from 'We the American People' threatening to turn the entire planet into an ashtray as retribution for anyone who dares to speak out against the demise and tragedy of the 'American Experience' great failure.

Nor the government nor any particular group "owns" Free Speech. 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

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