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QE2 Excellence and High Achievement Deception Confiscation of Labor, Property, and Assets

QE2 Excellence and High Achievement Reverse Pyramid Conduit Confiscation of Labor, Property, and Assets Deception

"Dollar Plunges As Everyone Now Figures Return of Quantitative Easing Is A Done Deal" Posted by Business Insider. QE2 second installment Reverse Pyramid sham or conduit for instantaneous confiscation of Labor, Property, and Assets part two deception. What Reverse Pyramid and deception? Reverse Pyramid is centuries old pyramid scam turned 180 degrees enabling the instantaneous theft of labor property and assets as opposed to the slow many decades Pyramid scam methodology of theft transfers ! The deception that the increase of QE2 trillions of debt will eventually be paid by the taxpayers. Fundamentally, this is a ruse operated by the three-tenths of 1 percent of the worlds population the 'overrepresented highest achievers of excellence' Federal Reserve's Mr Bernanke titular head of banking and finance that control the autonomous private banking system in the U.S.

Manufactured Imaginary Taxpayers

The current trajectory of manufactured economic, financial, and global demise using imaginary taxpayer burden can be summarized as follows: the theft of $1 trillion dollar pyramid scam, would have had to commence confiscation of labor and property at $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today. The formula for $1 trillion scam equals $1 million theft of labor and property daily for thousands of years into the future. Creating debt that can never be paid, that has no recourse, by the sheer force of nature and exponential mathematical consequence cannot be sustained over time and inevitably doomed to collapse. The 310 million taxpayer citizenry of the U.S. will be accelerated into abject poverty, destruction, misery, disease, famine, and death.

Burden Obligations Onus of High Achievement

Presented here are historic facts of high percentile achievements in every category and every subject matter. "The great error of contemporary social thought is that poverty must result from “discrimination” or “exploitation.” Because Jews tend to be overrepresented at the pinnacles of excellence, a dogmatic belief that nature favors equal outcomes fosters hostility to capitalism and leads inexorably to anti-Semitism. In the second half of the twentieth century, when Nobel Prizes began to be awarded to people from all over the world, that figure [of Jews awarded Nobel Prizes] rose to 29 percent. So far in the twenty-first century, it has been 32 percent". Posted by Journal of American Enterprise Institute. Article "Capitalism, Jewish Achievement, and the Israel Test."

"COMMENTARY has never published a systematic discussion of one of the most obvious topics of all: the extravagant overrepresentation of Jews, relative to their numbers, in the top ranks of the arts, sciences, law, medicine, finance, entrepreneurship, and the media" Jewish Genius Posted by Charles Murray. "In other words logic by omissions, or calculated reverse psychological disconnect in every publication that totally negates, and ignores the onus, stringent obligations, burdens, spirit, values, transparency, and strict accountability that high achievement and excellence demands of it." "Recent Wall Street Scam Artists Supreme" Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid Scheme

Flaws Failure and Extreme Gross Under Achievement

The top rank of percentile achievements is unaccountable by it's actions and speaks alone to; the lack of humanity, self dignity, intellect, spirit, and values is adversely impacting the U S economy, capitalism, war, peace, destruction of civilization, crimes against humanity, genocde, and war against peace c.2010. America the country that continues to celebrate Jewish extreme percentile of leadership accomplishments is on the cusp of demise and collapse. You will never read historic unfettered recorded history in any academic or published articles in America. Bureaucratic deceptions in America refuse and ignore all acknowledgement of recorded historical facts, unless they have clearance for American mythology imprint of conspiracy crazies repeating 'Hate Speech" distraction. "A Yale University center that purports to study anti-Semitism is holding a three-day conference on "the crisis" of global anti-Semitism (ending tomorrow) that is dedicated to the idea that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic." Posted by Philip Weiss. Confirming the zenith of cavalier academia's absolute focus on illusions of reverse victim industry formula and artificial American Exceptionalism c.2010.

Ignoring, Omitting, and Concealing Deception QE2

The pious narratives and sanctimonious subject matter calculated to confuse and conflict American spirit and values from c.1776. The daily perpetuation of American illusions of fear superiority and power. Conversely, the 32% [Nobel prize 32% quoted verbatim from Journal American Enterprise Institute] of responsibility the zenith of superiority achievement and excellence in the first decade of the 21st Century so far have resulted in total blackout of historical factual events including; polarization of masses of global citizenry, perpetuating hatred, demise cusp of collapse, antiquated militaristic policy, destruction of civilizations, greed and lust for other nations natural resources, genocides, war against humanity, war against peace, eviscerating capitalism, free markets, eliminating opportunity for its citizenry, quantitative easing QE 1 QE2 transfer theft of labor property assets, creation of parasitic health and pension plans, environmental and ecological catastrophe, phony gas house tax laws, and absolute control of taxes, interest rates of its financial and economic systems. In the past 40 years the United States has gone from being the largest creditor nation to becoming the largest debtor nation under the leadership of three-tenths of 1 percent of the worlds population the 'overrepresented highest achievers of excellence.'

Summary of High Percentile Achievement and Excellence

Overrepresented high achiever and excellence status confirms the dysfunctional American Exceptionalism c.2010 with "To Big to Fail" replacing "To Big to Fail." Dysfunction that cannot be disputed or argued, this is not an unreasonable conclusion in light of repeated political, social, cultural, underachiever failures and repeated flaws, over and over. Therefore, America ignores, omits, negates, conflicts, and refuses acknowledgement of recorded history time, places, and events thereby perpetuates the sanctimonious view to the world that all specific and recorded history and events have no validity is minimized and rendered irrelevant. The high achievement and excellence deception and distraction spin as outlined in the above published books, articles, and journals is the precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious, culture, ethnic divide rule methodology of superiority, merit, religious delusions. "Goodbye America" Posted by Occidental Observer. There is no recourse to collapse of American Imperialism.

Authors Sources

www.21stcenturyreversepyramid/ v=6RwCPaZujZM www.27s_murderous_attack_on_peace_activists_provokes_international_outrage%2C_diplomatic_crisis/,7340,L-3342999,00.html option=com_content&task=view&id=128&Itemid=57

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Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds

Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds
results in typical sanctimonious arrogance and is totally ignored in America's timeline beginning in the 1900's right up to this latest public display...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds

Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds

Video Game TV Mobster Series Stereotyping

August 2010...PR GAMEASUTRA ....... UNICO National, which claims to be the largest Italian American service organization in the United States, has taken a stand against Take-Two Interactive in regards to the portrayal of Italians in Mafia II. Calling it "pile of racist nonsense", UNICO president Andre' DiMino is demanding that Take-Two hold back on releasing the title, which is due to hit retail on August 24th. Subsequent article Mafia 2 release and party Aug 28, 2010 "Why are they doing this to us.? Posted by Italica

Critical Response Addressing Outrageous Stereotyping

Notwithstanding, numerous articles have been posted that speaks to and criticizes the insidious double standards and the reverse victimhood industry that is now a major conflict to the spirit and values of all Italian Americans including masses of world citizenry. The overrepresented unhinged media barons on a daily basis with global impact propagating incendiary "pile of racist nonsense" that "perpetuates stereotypes of Italian Americans as violent, murderous mobsters," "I wonder if Strauss Zelnick, Take Two Chairman, has considered any Video Games based on the Jewish Murder Inc, aka the Combination. the "Syndicate", or the less known but equally vicious Purple Gang in Detroit or the current Kosher Nostra, Israeli Mafia, and Russian-Jewish Mafiia." Posted by Annotico Report

A particular striking parallel to Mafia 2 video games attack against Italian psyche and sustained insidious stereotyping is alluding to the counterfactual history of Mr. Carlo Ponzi that continues to be ignored, totally omitted from controversy, with extreme prejudice. Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid Scheme. The recent overrepresented Mr. Madoff theft of $50 Billion dollars from investors eclipses most Pyramid Scams in the annals of rigged financial and banking history. Mr. Madoff is a top profile of overrepresented stereotype that continues to be ignored, totally omitted from controversy, with extreme prejudice, typically eliminated from headlines, while attempting to sell the distraction of reverse victims syndrome To Big To Fail.

In the video presented above Madoff's attorney quotes
Pyramid Scam 2 in seconds time lapse, simultaneously mainstream media perpetuates Ponzi mythology deceptions to warp speed.

Phony PR Hype Buzz Copy And Media Spin

The manufacture of the phony PR hype copy deception in financial minute to minute daily media spin, succeeds in perpetuating and highly exacerbates psychological conditioning of the flawed 'patent' association of Italians while distracting from overrepresented special interest group double speak underachiever failures. This conditioning includes every Italian in all strata with 'patent' crimes, nefarious activities, criminal schemes, 1900's era buffoons, insidious video games Mafia 2 stereotyping, movies going back to the 1920's outrageous discrimination, TV history of lazy intellect Hollywood subject matter relating to Italians. Finally, the corrupt financial and banking cartels formula and methodology operating verbatim PR imitations of deception and distracting tactics and strategy that impact the wallets of individuals and global economies by the confiscation of labor, property and assets

Overrepresented Self Anointed Reverse Victims

Subsequently, through psychological conditioning and self anointed reverse victim hood by automaton overrepresented media, banking, financial, and bureaucratic apparatus minions. The disproportionate to world populations overrepresented special interest groups enables filtering through a controlled prism that permits negative subject matters, discrimination, and stereotyping, that result in social and cultural flawed acceptance, example stereotyping of Italians. Simultaneously, ignoring and refusing to acknowledge or filtering out subject matters double standard, as socially and culturally not acceptable such as Jewish overrepresentation in underachiever failures in every category of all subject matters. "Murder Incorporated, Jewish Gangsters in America." Posted by Michael Sugarman.

Then it's no surprise, blatant examples of overrepresented unconstitutional dysfunction of responsibility in categories such as; Finance, Banking, Foreign Policy, Academia, Media, Law, and Government c.2010 on the cusp of systemic demise, flaws, and collapse of America. Let's not cower down with out adding overrepresented rigged unaccountable and controlled industries; banking, financial, pharmaceutical, medical, health, contracts, prices, and markets with no controls on the horizon for the overrepresented special interest group while stringent laws are in effect for the majority and masses of global citizenry.

Response To Double Standards

Consequently, the answer to the question of "why" relating to all incendiary and negative issues concerning Italian Americans including UNICO post and multitudes of articles repeating subject matter is "because they can" perpetuate unhinged double speak, double standards, and project self anointed victim syndrome. The result of decades of manufactured conditioning of society and culture, conflicted by and with, the refusal to acknowledge and sustained to ignore the spirit and values of Italian Americans, Americans, and masses of global citizenry..

Disingenuous Buzz Hype Copy Asbury Park Press

Communication to Asbury Park Press a microcosm of published articles across the spectrum of global news reciting boilerplate counterfactual hype copy headlines thousands of times daily in every forum.. Reply to Mr. Bowmann Asbury Park Press August 12, 2010. re: APP Disingenuous Article "Lakewood NJ developer Eliyahu Weinstein arrested in alleged Ponzi scheme" Dear Sir: Exploitative media barons, news outlets, communicators, cavalier academics, educators, authors, publishers, editors, reporters, radio,TV, websites continue unabated to includePONZI” with the current demise of U.S. and world financial collapse. These sound bytes and buzz word copy implicate Italian-Americans 'patently' influencing illegal financial transactions which are basic simple "PYRAMID SCHEMES" operated by crony corrupt gang banksters of rigged market shams as a distraction. "Ponzi What's In A Name' Posted by Janice Mancuso Tutto Italiano. "iapsnj IAPSNJ Newsletter October 2009" Published article on page 22. Posted by Italian American Police Society.

"Consider returning to Graduate School for Finance & Banking........Repeating the name PONZI indicates highly over medicated dose of beta-blockers or possible hearing aid volume turned off "......

Conclusion Unhinged Arrogance

Summary, all response presenting critical viewpoints to outrageous discrimination and stereotyping just accelerates and transfers automatically to 'Hate Speech' and the '21st Century self anointed victimhood industry' that results in typical sanctimonious arrogance and is totally ignored in America's timeline, beginning in the 1900's right up to this latest public display war of words.

Update confirmation
pyramid scams, schemes, Ponzi, shams, Italian mobster, Mafia, and video games are deception formula for typical diversion and distraction methodology including strategy and tactics that disguise thedouble standard 'Free Speech' hidden ace card con game.

In a statement, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick responded to UNICO: "Mafia II tells a compelling story about organized crime in America -- a subject that for decades has been featured in movies, television shows and novels. Neither UNICO nor any other organization purporting to represent Italian-Americans has seen or played Mafia II," he wrote.

Moreover, "At Take-Two, we balance our right to free expression with what we believe is a thoughtful and responsible approach to creating and marketing our products," he continued. "Mafia II is M-rated in accordance with our industry's strict standards. It is specifically not targeted toward young people."

Authors very impolite response! Historical facts, events, time, place in recorded history relating to reverse discrimination and stereotyping cannot be disputed or argued in any forum or court. Therefore, by presenting a critical opposing viewpoint to the overrepresented self anointed victim industry, 'Free Speech' or 'Hate Speech' double standard is often applied. Historical facts, events, time, place is ignored and omitted and 'Free Speech' or 'Hate Speech' double speak is employed to typically minimize opposing viewpoints irrelevance, confirmed by
Mr. Strauss Zelnick's statement of disguised self anointed victim syndromes....

Ponzi What's In a Name. Posted by Janice Mancuso Tutto Italiano

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Severely Afflicted Over Medicated On Shill Pills Quotes "Islam Inspired Hitler"

Severely Afflicted Over Medicated On Shill Pills Quotes "Islam Inspired Hitler"

Severely afflicted over medicated on shill pills New Yorker. Latest American anointed unhinged Islamophobic blogger quotes 4.07 minutes in an interview her 'fearful and naive conditioning rant' that "Islam inspired Hitler to kill Jews".. Extreme offense is taken by all U.S. citizens including the masses of world citizenry who are currently recipients of these abusive attacks and counter factual events. Notwithstanding, major communication outlets accelerate incendiary and contentious hype copy as deception for phony ground zero subject matter and current world issues facing 'We The People' including their lack of guardianship Ist Amendment the 'Right to Free Speech.' "For The Fearful and Naive Heavy Chatter War Coming" Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid. Rep. Alan Grayson confirms "Mosque Debate Talk Is Distraction While Bush Letting 911 Happen." Posted by Raw Story

Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger Anointed

Mainstream media affiliates anoint legions of unhinged instant celebrity throughout their campaign to continue American myths by manufacturing deceptive communication practices against the will of 'We The People'. Negative tactics and strategies include buzz copy headlines of outrageous stereotyping, reverse psychology conditioning, hypocrisy, discrimination, the practice of insidious reverse 'Hate Speech', and to shadow the subject 'Proud Victims Since 2500AD', that result in reverse self anointed victims syndromes. These 21st Century narratives strategies and tactics are interrelated to welfare Wall Street barons ineffectual total ownership control and takeover of Czarist Russia c.1917 automaton dynamics, of deceptions and subterfuge of moral-intellectual-superiority-merit illusions combined with American mythology preying on the fearful and naive.

"American Anointed Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger" Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid is mainstream media's point person for undocumented distortions, counter factual events, distractions, and omitted recorded historical facts. Resulting in subject material employing 'reverse 'Hate Speech' double standards. In her video interview rant this latest unhinged celeb quotes, "this is America and everyone is entitled and protected by the right to Free Speech". To address Ms Geller's celebrity including all crony cavalier academics, mainstream media stooges, lazy intellect Hollywood, and the dysfunctional bureaucratic apparatus who support this narrative of distraction and polarization double speak. What forum is available for 'We The People" to express distribution, promoting, branding, marketing, and advertising recorded historical factual evidence of events, time, locations? This expression would occur before the ADL intercedes with "Hate Speech" double standards of alleged accusations and possible show trials. Not too many, if at all, is the answer to Ms. Geller's sly handlers.

Deceptions Hatred Outrageous Discrimination

Historical recorded fact is a manufactured omitted and suppressed deception by overrepresented dysfunctional underachievers who are now attempting to blame 'Islam' for the holocaust event which relates to a single war of words and height of fiction. Newsweek Cover August 16, 2010 reads "A Mosque at Ground Zero? Typical major publisher combining buzz headline as distraction and contentious subject matter while simultaneously expressing insidious contempt for its small readership. Propagating deceptions, hatred, outrageous discrimination impacting and polarizing masses of humanity on this planet earth.

Conversely, printed subject matter and articles containing historical recorded fact are regarded as 'Hate Speech' thereby suppressing publication in the double standards American press. Article by Sever Plocker and posted in an Israeli newspaper or magazine is "We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish".. "Stalin's Jews...Posted by Sever Plocker ynet news also see Jews and Communism there are literally thousands of omitted absolute recorded historical books, publications, and articles relating to this single subject matter, all ignored and omitted in American mainstream media. However, professional word smiths continue contemptuous reverse victimization hype copy and propaganda in the American press while distracting viewers with buzz copy of wiki Leaks 91,000 pages of secured documents that every individual on earth already knows. Exposing documents confirming that USA commits war crimes, genocides, crimes against humanity, and war against peace. This is not news its soiled toxic underachiever flawed failures.

Ground Zero Mosque is not at Ground Zero and It's not a Mosque

You will never read historic unfettered recorded history in any academic or published articles in double standards America. Bureaucratic deceptions refuse and ignore to acknowledge all recorded historical facts unless they have clearance for American mythology imprint. Historical factual events cannot be disputed or argued therefore America ignores omits and refuses acknowledgement of recorded history and events thereby perpetuates the double speak sanctimonious view to the world that all specific and recorded history and events have no validity and are just conspiracy crazies repeating 'Hate Speech.' The label "conspiracy theory" is commonly used to try to discredit criticism of the powerful in government or business. Posted by Washingtons Blog "There Is No Ground Zero Mosque." Video Posted by Keith Olbermann

Summary of Satire and Unhinged America

Phony subject matter calculated to confuse and conflict American spirit and values. Consequently, America continues spin and propaganda through the anointed unhinged celebrity over medicated on shill pills and physically abusive and repulsive $10 figure welfare bonus check greed barons, spewing artificial events and news double speak. Thereby, shadowing their incompetence, sociopath psychotic double speak, self anointed victims syndromes, and blood lust merit less underachievers. "Ground Zero Mosque is not at Ground Zero and it’s not a Mosque" Posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat. This correct and documented information will be concealed by omission on the front pages of major book publishers, periodicals, newspapers, or talking head TV news narratives.

Summary of satire and unhinged America. "We Are Not Special, and There Is No Happy Ending: The Blood-Drenched Darkness of American Exceptionalism." Posted article by Arthur Silber. No surprise than at the instant unhinged celebrity status that confirms the dysfunctional apogee of American Exceptionalism c.2010 flaws. Pious narratives perpetuating the double standard illusions of fear and power deception that is the precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious culture, and ethnic divide and rule methodology of superiority, merit, religious delusions. Goodbye America Posted by Occidential Observer

# # #

Authors Sources

www.21stcenturyreversepyramid/ / www.27s_murderous_attack_on_peace_activists_provokes_international_outrage%2C_diplomatic_crisis/’s-not-a-mosque/

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For the Fearful and Naive Global Citizenry Heavy Chatter War Coming

For the Fearful and Naive Global Citizenry Heavy Chatter War Coming
As the fearful and naive continue to be conned by failures and fools while looking in the bath tub for terrorists

For the Fearful and Naive Global Citizenry Heavy Chatter War Coming

For the Fearful and Naive Global Citizenry Heavy Chatter War Coming to America

For The fearful and the Naive Global Citizenry Heavy Chatter War Coming To America. "Controversial billboard comparing the "change" of U.S. President Barack Obama with Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin raised a few eyebrows before it was papered over one day after it appeared in Mason City, Iowa." Posted by Cristopher Bollyn

Terrorist Deceptions Will Overpower You

American underachievers self admitted FAILURES. Mentally over medicated on shill pills and physically repulsive on $10 figure bonus checks greed. Their dereliction of duty has accelerated America into the greatest 'To Big To Fail' criminal empire in history. Their ongoing lack of success has impacted U.S. demise resulting in supreme criminal global crimes; an unhinged failed state, a Global Plague on Humanity; Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes, Crimes against Peace, Destruction of Civilizations, Narco-Nexus Cartel Drug Dealing, Repeal of the US Constitution, Articles Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg Tribunals, US Military Code of Honor, and the continued theft of its citizenry including global masses of labor, property, and assets.

Hillary Clinton promised to implement the equivalent of twelve holocausts against Iran’s 70 million citizens in her rant to ‘We will Obliterate Iran’ " Posted by James Petras. Now Hillary Clinton is someone to really look up to in the annals of American Exceptionalism !!! A dysfunctional misanthrope trying to imitate Josef Stalin Jew's in a man's pants suit outfit. 'LET THEM EAT CAKE' Posted by Paul Craig Roberts

War Against Humanity Chatter Propaganda and Deceptions

War against humanity heavy chatter propaganda and deceptions. Admitted over medicated and physically repulsive fools conning the naive. "Phony Terrorist Leader being "Branded" by Associated Press, the Voice of Israel" senior Staff writer Veteran Today Posted by Gordon Duff. "Adnan Shukrijumah, 35 formerly of Brooklyn, New York and Miami Beach is more likely to carry the real name Levine or Goldstein. The “legend,” intelligence jargon for a false background constructed for an imaginary person, created for Shukrijumah is paper thin. An FBI Agent named Brian LeBlanc in an “exclusive interview” with the Associated Press warned the world of this new “bin Laden” clone. Posted by Gordon Duff

As you keep up your guard fearful and naive of terrorists and get ready to celebrate your favorite deception September 11, 2001, you'll miss the entire takeover of USA. "The war on terror, invented by the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney regime, destroyed the US Constitution and the civil liberties that the Constitution embodies." Posted by Paul Craig Roberts

Fallujah The Snapshot of American Cities at War With Itself

Fallujah the snapshot. No revolution is from the bottom up its always from the top down. As America accelerates and compounds failure exponentially it will begin to eviscerate its very own citizenry and nation with Iraq Fallujah type destruction. Its financial and economic systems are a final phase of epic shambles and total demise.

"Unreported in the New Zealand media and virtually unreported in the United States was the release of a report by public health academics who studied the cancer rate, infant mortality and the birth to sex ratio of children in Fallujah. The authors concluded that the findings, "show increases in cancer, leukaemia and infant mortality and perturbations of the normal human population birth sex ratio significantly greater than those reported for the survivors of the A-Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945." Posted by Uruknet

Snapshot of American cities to come. "The report is astounding. It shows that the residents of Fallujah have been collectively poisoned and genetically damaged since 2004. An entire city turned into a radioactive and toxic metropolis. The brain damaged, the deformed and the disabled babies who will be the living victims of this were not even born as the bombs rained on the city and the bullets tore the population apart in 2004." Posted by Uruknet

Communism Absolute State Ownership Control of Labor Property Assets

American astounding failures war trajectory against itself. "The billboard suggests that Obama is a radical socialist leader similar to Hitler and Lenin. This is, in fact, a true comparison, which is probably why it was papered over so quickly. Obama, Hitler, and Lenin were all initially financed by Rothschild money. If we look at the historical record, we can clearly see that all three leaders were originally puppets of the House of Rothschild." Posted by Cristopher Bollyn


There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creating of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly the very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders...
- Winston Churchill, "Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People", Illustrated Sunday Herald, London, February 8, 1920

Leon Trotsky was given $20 million in Jacob Schiff gold to help finance the revolution, which was deposited in a Warburg bank, then transferred to the Nya Banken (The New Bank) in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the Knickerbocker Column in the New York Journal American on February 3, 1949: "Today it is estimated by Jacob's grandson, John Schiff, that the old man sank about $20,000,000 for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia."

No revolution is from the bottom up its always from the top down so forget the TEA PARTY distraction. Democrats, Republications, Congress, Supreme Court they are all colluding with Wall Street bank barons Federal Reserve gangBanksters and crony mainstream media ultra admitted FAILURES operating in unison to the detriment of 'We The People.' Accelerating America and global nations into its final death knell. Cities nations and countries into a radioactive and toxic metropolis dump. .. Socialism is deception for communism the absolute state ownership control of labor property and assets.

Fearful and Naive No Recourse

Summary of the fearful and naive. If the future of our planet is going to replicate the crimes committed in Iraq, and Afghanistan then the zenith of ultimate self admitted supreme failures will have failed absolutely. In their fanatical failure and psychopathic hyper militaristic quest for world domination and the total state ownership control of all labor property and assets, their self inflicted failure will have succeeded to render the planet uninhabitable to all humanity, creatures, animals, flora, fauna, and life as we have known since recorded time. A toxic world metropolis dump.

As the fearful and naive continue to be conned by failures and fools while looking in the bath tub for terrorists you'll have missed the entire takeover of USA going on outside your front door. There is no recourse to the manufactured collapse and total destruction of America and the world as we know. Goodbye America Posted by Occidential Observer "A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within" c.103BC Cicero

# # #

AUTHORS SOURCES,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Societal and Cultural Comment on Italian Kitchens Italian Food Preparations

Societal and Cultural Comment on ITALIAN Kitchens ITALIAN Food Preparations

Philadelphia, PA August 2010... Tommy's personal polite comment..I do not recall while growing up greatGrandma or greatGrandpa at Sunday Dinners reminding us to be sure that we purchase particular brands of Italian food products or any products for that matter with K or U placard..

Therefore, both greatGrandma and Grandmother has passed to me the capacity and facility to arrive at my very own choices. Ciao

Loving All Things Italian

Loving all things Italian which is a very natural feeling for me, I had gone to the supermarket in my neighborhood to get a few items for a family get together. Being the pa drone, boss of all bosses of the house, for my kitchen I bought Italian Tomatoes/Basil, Cannoli Beans, Tri Colore Pasta my favorite brand name advertised 'Made in Italy' on the labels. Upon arrival at home I noticed a large 'K' 'U' ad on Made in Italy labels. Recently I acquired information that K or U is a worldwide secret tax on food. Apologies have gone out to company's relating to my incorrect assumptions, but I could care less about them or any food corporation food supplier that is secretly taxing me. A total fool conned by knaves. Nevertheless this is Tommy's impolite comment...........

From "BRINDISI" To Expletives

Well needless to say at this point I was singing "BRINDISI" The Drinking Song above the cash register ring at the check out counter.

So full of myself and my absolute clever self astute love of all things Italian. Dangerous with self assured knowledge, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, of Italian food preparation and Italian kitchens. I notice my selections have new labels with a K and U advertising placard. K or U commercial advertising mark is an indication of Kosher. Kosher a religious connotation having to do with Slaughtered Meats, but like Mixing of Dairy and Meat, MIGHT commercially have two thousand years ago been for SANITARY Reasons, it No Longer EXISTS in the 21st Century. The justification is that the BULK of The Laws KOSHER are for HIGHER STANDARDS OF SANITATION. Needless to say, this insidious 21st Century placard is neither an indication of religion or health its a simple basic Pyramid Scam hidden tax..

Italian Horns Growing Exponentially

My wife says that my Italian horns are showing and that I have major melt-down syndrome over nothing.....however, not being diagnosed with severe Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and absolutely refuse to be taken advantage by hidden taxes, social and cultural lazy intellect Hollywood, ESPN and definitely in disconnect on negative and insidious societal and cultural subject matters. l do not require nor do I need Pyramid Scam hidden taxes from the past 'K' or 'U' products in my house especially under the deception of commercial speech. They went right the Hell back to the supermarket instantaneously...Italian Horns were overheating, not aware that I even had horns. Foremost resentment was now boiling with knowledge of having my pockets picked by Three Card Monte and Pyramid Scams knowing that the blame for this theft scam will be directed to Italians by large corporations screaming its a "Ponzi Scheme." Major food suppliers will quote Italians duped them, what can you expect !

Little Knowledge Is A Very Dangerous Thing

I told my wife, I have zero interest in the marketing strategy or tactics department at any Italian Food suppliers, do not care one iota, nor do I bear any specific attachment of outcomes positive or negative present or future concerning food suppliers, who these companies decide to satisfy in their distribution. wholesale, and retail networks, their sales and marketing of focus groups, and/or their industry competitions. Food supply corporate policy has nothing to do with me specifically and/or any impact positive or negative in my kitchen including my personal lifestyle choices. My personal societal and cultural comment is just business not personal.

"I have NO deep psychological problems" was my response, to my wife ! Actually this is an inward indication that a very deep need exists to seek full-time employment, in other words you have nothing better to do.....My wife confirms "A Little Knowledge Is a Very Dangerous Thing" and also reminded me that Catholic School Nuns are my guide always "An Idle Mind Is A Workshop of the Devil." My pulse and temperature were now out of control. I started to see stars, the Nuns were correct, I told myself, "Tommy get a Grip."

Alleged Accusations

Now back to K or U Kosher labels the following analogies apply; any marketing department placing particular insidious connotations relating to health or religious logo, brands, ads, marketing or signs on products from any other country on the globe and receiving an exclusive privilege percentage from the supplier as standard business practice contracts or commercial free speech as outlined in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution will instantaneously be met with rabid 'Hate Speech' alleged accusations. 'Hate Speech' is now the societal norm. 'Hate Speech' often used to dismiss dissent and attempt to control public debate."

So we have insidious messages relating to what another entity decides to approve [commercial free speech] that is exclusive for purchase, with insidious Pyramid Scam hidden tax connotations. My impression was that America replaced Imperial Rome with PAX AMERICANA, again a true fool conned by knaves.

Conversely Stringent Rules Apply

Conversely, stringent rules apply to all other groups exercising or attempting to promote religious signs, logos, or monikers as commercial free speech. Additionally, extreme sensitive and stringent rules apply for all; opposing viewpoints, dissension, debate, or comments on social cultural choices.

WOW Italian horns all the way !!!! refer to c.1917 Communism i.e. the absolute iron fisted state ownership control of all Labor, Property, and Hard Assets of the individual through hidden taxes or Pyramid Scams. "Nor the government Nor any particular group "owns" Commercial Speech or Free Speech. The 1st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly.

Persistent Ignoring of Other Groups

Ist Amendment to the US Constitution, articles Bill of Rights are absolute and cannot be disputed or argued. Therefore, particular focus groups persistently ignore 1st Amendment US Constitution knowing full well that they cannot be argued or disputed and continue operating with past insidious notions of health standards used as special hidden taxes on food products.

Is there something wrong about this reverse logic analogy ? Who really cares? My wife says, that my Italian Horns show ever so bright!

Persistent Avoidance Personal Choice

Consequently, I decide not some arbitrary entity on specific personal choices, inherited from GreatGrandma GreatGrandpa and Grandma Nonna. If every food supplier in the world is K or U approved its my personal 21st Century social and cultural comment and choice to "purchase or starve to death." A choice dictated by natural inherent laws, not any man made deceptions.

I have recently acquired information that this is a worldwide hidden tax impacting the entire spectrum of very large corporations. Now I will definitely "Starve to Death." My only choice is to buy local and to buy very small mom and pop food brands. The video enclosed is titled "Worldwide Hidden Tax on Food." This particular video title is kind of quaint. This tax on food is a simple basic Pyramid Scam Hidden Tax. Moreover, I have NOT been singing "BRINDISI" just drinking Chianti avoiding new and approved K or U Italian Products spending extra money traveling to local independent food suppliers and getting ready to replace Rudolph's Red Nose at MERRY CHRISTMAS season with radiant Italian Horns shining ever so bright.

Tommy Tucci-No not that FBI Full Blood Italian
Italian American Heritage