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Bank Barons Operating Three Card Monte Cardboard Box Scheme Imperialism

USA: Bank Barons Operating Three Card Monte Cardboard Box Scheme Imperialism

c.1620 England under King Charles ll 'The Merry King "the Secret History of Government Debt [Treasury Bonds] Posted by Sovereign Society. 17th Century merthodology operating global Three Card Monte Imperial financial and economic schemes. Schemes imitated and effectuated c.1792 under a Buttonwood Tree 'The Buttonwood Agreement' in lower Manhattan now the New York Stock Exchange. Accelerating forward to 21st Century Wall Street, welfare bank barons cannot make change for a dollar, unless the dollar is stolen and until they convince recipients to take less than 100 cents return dynamic. Less than the original principal dynamic formula 'magic of compound interest Now You See It and Now You Don't.' A Zero sum Imperial contemptuous game that has severely crippled the entire global financial and ecomomic systems. see Op-Ed Columnist - Virtuous Bankers? Really!?! Maureen Dowd - see Coinage Act US CONSTITUTION c.1792 read reverse baiting news ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites. Posted by Robert Stark LA Nonpartisan Examiner

Accelerating Forward to the End of May 2010 Bank Baron Imperial Schemes

"As of the end of May, China still holds a gaggle of USTreasurys, but their USTBill holdings are down to a trifling $7 billion, as China sells into the confusion, especially at high principal prices tied to near 0% yields. China is selling the bubble. Without any question whatsoever, the USFed and USDept Treasury are using the United Kingdom as a ledger item for their mammoth USTreasury monetization, all barely hidden, with the TIC data used as a tiny fig leaf that offers inadequate coverage." Posted by Jim Willie CB

Translation, Imperial Three Card Monte formula is a particular theft of tactics strategy and psychology shadowed by the exclusive veneer of ivy league perfumed pedigree merit genius superiority and sophisticated complex mathematical algorithm computer application illusions. The methodology of super sophisticated Wall Street bank barons veneer of genius merit and superiority illusion is the Three-Card Monte simple street heist game itself. To play, a dealer broker or shills places three cards face down on a table, usually a cardboard box which provides the ability to set up and disappear quickly when the heist is completed. Disappearing and ever so clever Imperial Wall Street banking barons operating the scam of sucker, saps and chumps becoming exceptionaly rich on the 'magic of compound interest delusions' or Now You See It and Now You Don't.

Three Card Monte Free Market Capitalism Illusions Outrageous Discrimination

Sovereign States do not operate free market capitalism with corrupt systemic private bank barons charging interest on worthless fiat paper schemes or monetizing debt on disappearing cardboard boxes on every street corner in America. 21th Century America stubbornly refuses to go forward and continues to repeat, political, financial, global, military, social, and economic failure dynamic. Now let us reverse back to the turn of the century 1900's to confirm America's persistent refusal dynamic of corrupt failure. We find none other than the anathema Mr. Carlo Ponzi vs Concept. Mr. Carlo Ponzi branded as the singlular cause effect and inventor of centuries of global financial collapse including 17th 18th 19th Century manipulation of scams prior to his birth in 1882. Zionist controlled media, American cavalier academics, gangbanksters, financial editors, book publishers, savants, seers and crony underachievers fail to mention that Mr. Ponzi was an uneducated Italian immigrant in 1900. An era of extreme contempt for Italian immigrants. Uneducated small time weak convicted felon with no connection to corrupt bank barons of his era. Notwithstanding, the perpetuation of outrageous stereotype discrimination by the lazy intellect 21st Century underachiever class manufacturing the counterfactual historical event that Mr. Ponzi eclipses stellar Wall Street ivy league merit genius and superiority. Thereby, the only individual who dared to imitate Three Card Monte cardboard box street heists and pyramid scams resulting in tricking and overpowering the status quo self anointed victim bank barons exclusive rigged market scams, albeit for a very short period.

Subsequently, in less than a year and a half contemptuous uneducated Italian immigrant Mr. Ponzi is credited with invention, innovation, creator of sophisticated and complex mathematical equations on ROI, and cryptic algorithms working with a slide rule prior to calculators and technical computer applications. The image BS at the top left of this page depicts the only response to the self anointed victims Three Card Monte systemic robber barons and criminal financial capitalism versus Mr. Ponzi. Scams, deflection, distraction, diversion, subterfuge, systematic criminal corruption, reverse victims, and rigged markets, hiding behind Ponzi stereotyping, Ponzi patent name brand, including Wall Street supreme outrageous discrimination by meritless underachiever 10 figure bonuses shams. see video Vipers Theives and gangbanksters vs America 'We the People.' Americas outrageous discrimination and stereotyping of Italian Americans in the 1900's from terrorists anarchists and low life criminals is transferred to Muslims c.2010 adversely impacting the spectrum of global masses of citizenry . Consequently, all strata of Italian Americans are viewed as Mafiosos with insidious Ponzi patent branding that lacks historical factual and false association of financial rigged markets by overrepresented Zionist controlled media and financial rigged markets.

Utilizing the microcosm of overrepresented Wall Street systematic criminal schemes focus is made to the analogy of a brand Mr. Jacob Shiff. The "Shiff" scam. The singular individual who was responsible for manipulating the notorious 'Black Thursday" panic that led to a nationwide boom bust cycle Furthermore, Mr. Shiff was the largest singular investor in the Bolshevik revolution of Czarist Imperial Russia c.1917. Stalin Jews Posted by Sever Plocker. Moreover, Zionist controlled America's response is rabid self anointed victims 'Hate Speech' alleged accusations charged instantaneously, if any entity dared to brand the reverse victims, overrepresented criminal elements of the past and present.. Overrepresented ploy by deception of self anointed 'Proud Self Anointed Victims Since 2500AD.

Reverse Imperialist American Exceptionalism exposed through 'Hate Speech alleged accusations. 'Hate Speech' often used to dismiss dissent and attempt to control public debate. Nor the government nor any particular group "owns" Free Speech. 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. America's superficial underachiever class just digs itself deeper into the morass of 18th 19th and 20th Century dynamic of tragic global corruption. read reverse baiting news [source] ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites. Posted by Robert Stark LA Nonpartisan Examiner. "All Wealth Is The Product of Labor" c. 1654 John Locke

Imperial Three Card Monte robber baron methodology and formula. Greatest Theft recorded in the history of the world. Greatest historical daylight heist in history explained by the theft and looting of the US Treasury and taxpayers 'We The People.' Note..for all free market suckers, saps, and chumps, Three Card Monte is is the gangBanksters scam of choice formulated on the principal the 'magic of compound interest Now You See It, Now You Don't.' Example, the theft of $1 trillion. would have had to commence robbing labor property and assets at $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today.

Confiscations, hidden monetizing, and theft of trillions executed in nanoseconds thereby destroying the reality of sovereignity, liberty, free markets, capitalism, labor, property, hard assets and Mr.Ponzi's 1900's slide rule calculations. Subsequently, while we all ride the long term corrupt Wall Street rigged 'magic of compound interest' to nowhere, the disingenuous zenith of underachiever culture and failure perpetuates double speak terms such as, austerity, entitlements, Social Security, benefits, 401K, retirement plans, pensions, great social programs such as Greenhouse gas social programs to save humanity from itself, Return on Investment, Bull Bears, tops bottom, long term, short term, to name just a few of the high principled reverse victims bureaucratic programs. High principals or the 'magic of compound interest' would function properly if the US Treasury controls the wealth generated by labor, property, and hard assets of 'We The People.' This basic sovereign right possibly would reduce the historical theft scams by private interests thereby exponentially increasing long term investment returns transferring to its rightfull owners. Andrew Jackson Veto to the Senate on installing private central banks July 10, 1832. Posted by

Imperial Magnanimous High Principled Bureaucratic Entitlement Sham

Wall Street Bolshevik Revolution. Book Published by Antony Sutton Communism c.1917, the absolute iron fisted state ownership control dynamic by corrupt private banking barons of fiat monetary policy, monetizing debt, rigged markets, total control of interest rates, prices, contracts, taxes, and inflation. 18th 19th and 20th Century paradigms methodology operating in 21st Century Wall Street. Primary formula Three Card Monte lazy Hollywood intellect scams correlating to the c.1917 total Czarist Imperial Russia's state ownership theft of labor property and hard assets. Lazy intellect U.S.bureaucratic deception shams and misnomer terms examples such as; austerity, social programs, entitlements, Social Security, and 401K contracts are basic tax deferred theft schemes not tax free. All financial contracts, even if the thefts were tax free with private crony operators at the helm, the absolute corrupt control of interest rates, future taxes, rigged markets, monetizing debt scams, and inflation prohibit exponential growth over decades and can never be entitlements. All labor, property and hard assets has been stolen in 20th Century pyramid and 21st Century reverse pyramid scams or old school Three Card Monte confiscations, so accordingly the term entitlement is a misnomer.

State ownership theft of labor property and assets cannot be some kind of titled magic then transposed into a magnanimous high principled bureaucratic free market decision and gift. Wall Street oligarchs eyeing Social Security article by Paul Craig Roberts writes "Hank Paulson, the Gold Sachs bankster/U.S. Treasury Secretary, who deregulated the financial system, caused a world crisis that wrecked the prospects of foreign banks and governments, caused millions of Americans to lose retirement savings, homes, and jobs, and left taxpayers burdened with multi-trillions of dollars of new U.S. debt, is still not in jail. He is writing in the New York Times urging that the mess he caused be fixed by taking away from working Americans the Social Security and Medicare for which they have paid in earmarked taxes all their working lives." "All Wealth Is The Product of Labor" c. 1654 John Locke

Summary of Satire and Sad Sack Imperial American Exceptionalism

No Surprise Underachiever Failure of Corrupt Shams Schemes and Scams. Then it should be no surprise that America's striking parallel of Sovereignity is non-existent rather an insidious repeat of c.1917 absolute state ownership control. Perpetuating contemptuous zombie supreme predatory political and racketeering economic systems that refuses to provide health care, public services or financial opportunity to its own citizenry is resorting to hyper war and militarism using the diversion of reverse self anointed victim methodologies. Unaccountable above the law, in a desperate effort to feed its insatiable appetite for imperial divide conquer world conquest. Outrageous discriminations, stereotyping practiced against the full spectrum of global citizenry, including religious, national, ethnic, indigenous peoples, including the theft of natural resources on the planet.

All pyramid power structures and impending illegal Three Card Monte schemes and scams by forces of nature and laws of mathematics cannot sustain itself over time and inevitably collapses. The primary forces of nature and the laws of mathematics are not arguable. Therefore since these forces and laws cannot be disputed or argued America continues to persistently ignor them. Thereby creating systemic colossal demise and death warrant for the future. The Collapse of Imperial Rome. American double speak standards hypocrisy is calculated, designed, manufactured, to result in great failure. This is the reality of 21st Century America decline and fall of empire a sorry, tragic saga. Goodbye America. Posted by Occidental Observer, also see Op-Ed Columnist - Virtuous Bankers? Really!?! Maureen Dowd - see Coinage Act US CONSTITUTION c.1792 read reverse baiting news [source] ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites. Posted by Robert Stark LA Nonpartisan Examiner

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. c.170BC Marcus Aurelius

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