Thursday, November 12, 2009


REVERSE PIED PIPERS AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY REVERSE ROBIN HOODS MERRY MEN 1941 to 2009 Since love and fear cannot exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved -Niccolo Machiavelli c1513 The Prince.

REVERSE PIED PIPERS HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICIALS ALERT......terrorists in USA will strike today [source washpost] one day after Obama Afghan peace prize surge.....All governments foundation to power is fear which is a basic fact of human nature. Reverse Pied Pipers metaphor for the dysfunctional criminal bureaucratic and mainstream media apparatus REVERSE PIED PIPERS [source] demonstrate severe affliction of psychotic reverse victim fear complexes. In other words playing distracting tunes reviving river rats to transfer manufactured fear [source] by the criminal bureaucrats and media communication barons to the global masses. The same criminal elite who continue to ignore all laws natural [sourcegalileo] and the legacy handed down through the ages [sourceSPQR]. Thereby diverting through distractions such as big sports news 'Tiger Growls' while banging waitresses. [source] Party crashers know OBAMA for 5 years [source] couple sneak into White House state dinner party. Latest from Italia courts conviction of Amanda Knox, 26 years for murder. [source] The mainstream media's delusion is complete keep attention on frothy frivolity while the criminals become victims and the victims are branded perpetrator terrorists. The terrorists are the American citizenry. The logical human mind cannot process the insensitivity of this calculated grand deception consequently is unable to assess true and factual information or knowledge. Resulting in the desired effect of global masses total fear conditioning.

AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY American myth diverting the perception of two faction one zombie government victimology. A government of private insider elite power structure perpetuating subliminal Pavlovian conditioning [source]to the masses. The criminal becomes the victim the victims become criminals. "Perpetrator is Victim." "Victim is Perpetrator." Self anointed victims that created 'Imperialist Economic Principals' or the metaphor Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men. The classic example of 'Imperial Economic Principal' is the transfer of counterfeit worthless Government Treasury Bonds Debt [source] for China's and the worlds Labor Property and hard Assets including throwing millions out of jobs, collapsing retirement funds, college savings accounts, forcing hard-working honest Ameericans and global citizenry into homelessness and poverty. Victimology formula for American hypocrisy supreme from c.1941 "JAPAN ATTACKS PEARL HARBOR" 68 years of distractions diversions from the disproportionate self anointed victims to c.2009 "MAJOR NIDAL MALIK HASAN [source]ATTACKS MILITARY FORT HOOD TEXAS" "Were Not Afraid" -Eric Holder US Attorney General [sourcewsj] "Clinton Signals Critical Moment in Afghanistan" [source] confirming supreme farce reverse victimization . The psychotic party line unfolds daily. Iran for the second time is in the cross hairs of fake retribution. USA claims c.1953"Iran is holding a gun to our head" victimology supreme [sourceCBSyoutube]. Refer to the rear end of bull! What a grand load of subterfuge! Who are these defective dysfunctional flawed Reverse Pied Pipers kidding. Armed with proclivity to perpetuate the party line melody of manufactured fear including distraction that the USA is sole victim in the world while seeking vengeance and aggressive belligerent threats against humanity. Diverting attention away from victimizing the planet with illegal Obama peace prize wars [source], genocide, grief, misery, death, disease, destruction of civilizations, and supreme number one and only militaristic bellicose state creating the worlds green house gas pollution. [source] . The world is the branded perpetrator of criminal violence against the USA is distraction on a grand scale. Self anointed class system of victimization budget larger than the entire world [sourceusatoday] Absolute execrable outrageous discrimination against all nations, ethnic nationalities, race, and religion, responding with vengeance of endless war. Totally devoid of all remorse with peace prize surges vengeance of endless illegal wars with illegal DU munitions [source] on global civilian populations across the spectrum of world dominance! "Greatest Exporter of Violence on the Planet is My Government" -Dr Martin Luther King Jr c.1967 [sourceantiwar]

PAVLOV'S PSYCHOPATHS A depraved power structure hiding under Reverse Pied Piper falsetto melodies that continues the delirium of absolute jingoism perpetuating myths, depraved ideologies, farcical rhetoric democracy, free speech, right to vote, free markets, capitalism [source], and bogus concern for it's citizenry. 21st Century criminal zombies who anointed themselves global victims aggressively threatening the to turn the entire world into an ashtray which it has designated criminal perpetrators. For all those amnesiacs take a look at the two civilian cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima of 64 years ago for confirmation. Pyramid power scam perfection the only country that has used thermo nuclear weapons on civilians and continues to this day with depleted uranuim in Iraq and Afghanistan along with 13th Century torture [source]. "To Big To Fail Victims Reverse Pied Pipers creators of calamity" playing the melody of reverse the rats from the river to gnaw at the global masses. Self anointed victims accountable to no law and lack of remorse for all illegal actions. All pyramid power scams mathematically and by nature cannot be sustained over time and inevitably collapse. "To Small To Save" designated criminal perpetrators because of inability and disregard of secured and unsecured obligations, "their out of work jobless." Retribution to the elite self anointed victims is bailout rewards $100 million and up for the pecking order Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men. Taxpayer slavery for generations of designated criminals To Small To Save. Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men Goldman Sachs Reverse Pied Pipers Bernard Madoff Ruth Madoff [sourceabcnews] "Ponzi Did It" "Gentiles Did It" [source] "get used to it' and "let them eat myth cake." c.2009

VICTIMOLOGY PAVLOV'S DOGS zombies 21st Century Reverse Pied Pipers diverting hidden agenda for the ultimate grand strategy of world domination by the AMERICAN government’s crime, fraud, theft, murder, pedophilia, prostitution, drugs, wars, mass genocide, financial gangsterism, environmental slaughter and catastrophe [sourceyoutube] Criminal elite leadership self anointed victims referring to it's citizenry as criminals, perpetrators, useless eaters, [source] and useful idiots to be fleeced like lambs loaded with generations of tax debt pyramid scams and schemes. The same self anointed victims busy transferring Americas economy into collective state owned property combines as retribution from self inflicted losses. Confirmation of supreme Pavlovian psychopathy reverse victim complexes. America's disproportionate zombie death squad's weapons of choice upside down reverse pyramid scams world domination and outrageous discrimination. Not a very pretty story line on "land of the free.'

AMERICAN PSYCHOPATHY EXPOSED Italian justice exposes to the world the perpetrators and not the victims. No government citizen or entity is above the law "Italia Court convicts 23 USA CIA agents in abstention. WOW! The select accountable to no US Constitution, law, no citizen with no remorse for any illegal actions exposed as guilty without a reasonable doubt. Conversely, Italia Courts exposure enables the world to see the branding by war lords "To Small To Save Perpetrators" designated criminal class by the USA [sourceyoutube] All pyramid scams mathematically cannot be sustained over time and inevitably collapse except for "To Big To Fail self anointed Victims" seeking false retributions and fake vengeance. Ultra Reverse Pied Pipers melody distraction with news of Italia courts conviction of Amanda Knox, for murder. Enter successful book author Douglas Preston [source] playing a great melody Reverse Pied Piper tune. Opportunist distractors colluding with mainstream media diverting attention from criminal USA not prosecuting the Rachel Corrie murder in Rafa by the IDF c.2003 [source] "The noblest kind of retribution is not to become like your enemy" c.170BC Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, p35

US CONSTITUTION TRANSFORMED The government handed down in c.1776 Philadelphia the US Constitution "For the People By the People Of the People" the legacy inherited from c.200BC Roman Empire to entire Western law culture and society "SPQR" "Senate and the People of Rome" has morphed and systematically been transformed. Transformed by stealth Reverse Pied Piper and Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men operatives into forced "By Criminals For Criminals Of Criminals" No slave is greater than his master - John 13:50 Classic example of Reverse Pied Piper slaves. "Because I Can" -William Jefferson Clinton [sourceCBS] get away with anything. Confirming severe psychopathic reverse victim criminal personality complexes. Mr. Clinton states he is accountable to no man, above all laws, and the US Constitution with no remorse for any illegal actions. This statement confirms historical pattern of psychotic bureaucratic and media control and manipulation of America. Outrageous example of Reverse Pied Pipers distortion melody tune to attract the reverse gnawing rats is the blatant attempt to portray the perception that Mr. Clinton as a great Cassonova. A great elder statesman 'Odd Couple Clinton/Bush Sr' in behalf of helpless and needy citizens throughout the world. Pathetic diversion of genuine arrogant pompous imperialists with perfume veneer. "They are all honorable men" c.44 BC Marc Antony.

SELF ANOINTED VICTIMS DIVERTING CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY Rudimentary execrable Pavlov's reverse pyramid psychology fear methodologies. Reverse Pied Pipers and Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men enabling the over represented crime lords the criminal elitists at the top the pyramid to control all power over the worlds labor property and assets. Conversely creating aggressive war and invasions for control of natural resources, mass genocides, destroying civilizations distracting from the masses, zero sum scams to their lifetime of labor property hard assets and freedoms. Secretary of State threatens to turn the planet into an ashtray "We will obliterate them"-Hillary Clinton c.2008 [sourcemsnbc]." Ultra supreme stage #5 psychotic reverse victim complexes confirming that Ms. Clinton follows a long legacy of bureaucratic officials who consider themselves accountable to no man, to no laws, including and the US Constitution. Subsequently, indicating they have absolutely no remorse for illegal crimes perpetrated by any bureaucrat against all humanity. It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong" c.1752 - Voltaire

MANUFACTURED FEAR REVERSE PIED PIPER REVERSE ROBIN HOODS MERRY MEN SYNDROME The logical human functioning mind is not equipped to grip or deal with the gravity of severe psychopathic reverse victim fear complex disorders that are currently manipulating and controlling world communications and bureaucratic automaton ideology apparatus [source]. Consequently, by keeping the masses in a constant state of apprehension and fear distraction easily enables the To Big To Fail Reverse Robin Hoods Merry Men to continue eviserating the global financial systems. While bureaucratic and media apparatus, Reverse Pied Pipers play pleasant subliminal melodies for the To Small To Save citizenry diverting attention revive and reverse direction of river rats gnawing at the global masses basic human nature of fear and reasoning. Subsequently, compounding the intensity of subliminal manufactured fear thereby justifying war for other peoples natural resources, crimes against humanity, disregard of all laws natural and handed down legacy. Resulting in the complete and total American demise failed state third world status with global masses in delusional state of national patriotism, duty, and country which will protect all their fears. All human logic that has been distorted, propagandized, and conditioned for years under subliminal duress circumstances and jingoistic banter always result in a disconnect to all factual historical information including complete knowledge, information, and all thought processes which is rendered futile and meaningless.

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