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By Way of Deception USA Brands Itself Barbaric

By Way of Deception USA Brands Itself Barbaric

"We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America. [The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit]" To fully grasp the contempt and context of lawless US ideology subject matter 'Barbaric Global Brand' a quick understanding of the Bolshevik takeover of Czarist Russia is required see None Dare Call It Bolshevik... An America transformed into a 'Barbaric' global brand, out of control, destruction of civilizations, Middle Ages atrocities, and unaccountable manufactured global economic and financial collapse brought to bear on civilization, by way of deception. "We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America." "America is admitting that it is no longer a sovereign nation. "Goodbye America" by Occidential Observer.

American Exceptionalism Mythology

To Big To Fail manufactured myth and deception resulting in the conundrum 'Failure is not an option in America.' Therefore, confirming the key components of overrepresented disproportionate to the global masses of citizenry, blatant admission of absolute dysfunction. Flawed ideologies perpetuating fear and power, by way of deceptions and manufactured myths. This fear and power deception is the precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious culture, and ethnic divide and rule methodology. Employing c.1917 automaton dynamics, deceptions, and subterfuge of moral-intellectual-superiority-merit illusions and myths. Consequently, shadowing incompetence, sociopath double speak, self anointed victims, and blood lust meritless underachievers. This is the apogee of American Exceptionalism c.2010.

We Are Not Special, and There Is No Happy Ending: The Blood-Drenched Darkness of American Exceptionalism article by Arthur Silber "A terrifyingly awful example of this phenomenon is the disappearance of the nightmarish tragedy of Iraq from our national conversation. Remember that Iraq never posed a serious threat to the United States, and that our leaders knew that it posed no such threat. Therefore, the U.S. invasion and occupation represent an ongoing series of war crimes. This is not an arguable point in any respect. Since it cannot be argued, it is ignored altogether.

Illusions of Basic Freedoms Scam

Basic freedom scam illusions. Discover subtle insidious reverse victim deceptions. c.53BC Julius Caesar 'Divide and Conquer' strategies and tactics of levers controlling everyday lives of global citizenry by abolishing the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, US Military Code of Honor, Geneva Conventions, and murder of American citizenry. "The war on terror, invented by the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney regime, destroyed the US Constitution and the civil liberties that the Constitution embodies." Posted by Paul Craig Roberts. Private gangBanksters absolute control over interest rates, taxation, inflation, theft of labor property assets of citizenry, manufactured war on civilization, and rigged markets across the world spectrum. American freedom illusions U.S. Passports Worthless, No Citizen of America is Safe Anywhere In The World. Posted by Gordon Duff in his article 'What Israel's Execution of An American Teen Means."

Destruction of Civilizations. "The US seven-year war and occupation of Iraq is driven by several major political forces and informed by a variety of imperial interests. However these interests do not in themselves explain the depth and scope of the sustained, massive and continuing destruction of an entire society and its reduction to a permanent state of war." Posted by James Petras

"The lies that bind American myth obscures murderous enterprises. But the longevity and universality of this pernicious mindset is in no way a mitigation of it. It does not reduce by one iota the responsibility -- the blood-guilt -- of any society that adheres to such a myth, and uses it to "justify" (indeed, celebrate) horrendous crimes. It is American Exceptionalism that we must deal with in our time. And although the belief of this particular bunch of bare, fork'd animals that they are special is nothing new, the gargantuan, ravenous military force backs up this delusion is unprecedented in world history. It is only in its destructiveness, real and potential, that the American system is indeed exceptional." Posted by Chris Floyd

Freedom of Speech Transformed to Reverse Hate Speech Scheme

Ignore and oppose the c.1917 dynamic culture of underachiever delusions, scams, and great failures you instantaneously become targeted isolated and polarized. Isolated by contemptuous manufactured myths such as "Us Against Them", "Good vs Evil," "Divide and Conquer," "Hate Speech," "Terrorist Perpetrators," "Criminals" "and Dissidents. "Nor the government nor any particular group 'owns' Free Speech." No surprise then that all persons entities organizations who create challenge, offer opposing viewpoints, opinions or exhibit the courage to organize demonstrations are immediately branded and demonized as unpatriotic, conspiracy crazies, terrorist accomplices, demented, lunatics, anarchists, useful idiots, USA Love It or Leave It. fringe nut cases, useless eaters, or the premier designation Middle Ages Heretics..

Reverse American Exceptionalism exposed through 'Hate Speech' alleged accusations. 'Hate Speech' often used to dismiss dissent and attempt to control public debate. Nor the government nor any particular group "owns" Free Speech. 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Elena Kagan's disturbing refusal to acknowledge pre-existing rights. ... The First Amendment does not say, "The people shall have a right to free speech... then voted against it), Kagan is refusing to answer questions relating to reverse Hate Speech. Posted by Pathetic and typical American Exceptionalism myth. Narcissistic Kagan's favorite humor is denigrating predominate Christian American values by repeating apoplectic automaton verses of philo-affinity for Israel and her pathetic cadence 'her favorite Jewish activity is consumption of Chinese food at the Christmas Holidays. The flawed underachiever and narcissistic self anointed victim demonstrating failure at its greatest apogee. That these particular disingenuous remarks have no validity regarding an appointment to the Supreme Court of the U.S. !! Ms. Kagan by her extreme lack and show of self- dignity, humanity, lazy intellect, underachiever status, and attachments in spirit to artificial states, admitted self anointed victim that she will be working to the detriment and will of 'We The People.'

Three Card Monte Free Market Dysfunctional Capitalism Delusions

Sovereign States do not operate free market capitalism with corrupt systemic private bank barons charging interest on worthless fiat paper. Lets run a basic Three Card Monte methodology theft and looting of the US Treasury and taxpayers. Note.. for all free market suckers, saps, and chumps, Three Card Monte is the gangBanksters scam of choice formulated on the principal the 'magic of compound interest Now You See It, Now You Don't.' Example, the theft of $1 trillion. would have had to commence robbing labor property and assets at $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today. Confiscation and theft of trillions executed in nanoseconds thereby destroying the reality of sovereignty, free markets, capitalism, labor, property, and hard assets confirming supreme systematic criminal corruption. Subsequently, while we all ride the long term corrupt Wall Street rigged 'magic of compound interest' to nowhere, the disingenuous zenith of underachiever culture and failure perpetuates double speak terms such as, austerity, entitlements, Social Security, benefits, 401K, retirement plans, pensions, Return On Investment, Bull Bears, tops bottom, long term, short term, and on and on.

Communism c.1917, the absolute iron fisted control of state ownership dynamic by corrupt private banking barons of fiat monetary policy, monetizing debt, rigged markets, total control of interest rates, prices, contracts, taxes, and inflation are Three Card Monte lazy Hollywood intellect scams correlating to the total theft of labor property and hard assets. Dysfunctional lazy intellect bureaucratic deceptions and misnomer terms examples such as; austerity, entitlements, Social Security, and 401K contracts are basic tax deferred schemes not tax free. All financial contracts, even if the thefts were tax free with crony operators at the helm, the absolute corrupt control of interest rates, rigged markets, monetizing debt scams, and inflation prohibit exponential growth over decades and can never be entitlements. All labor, property and hard assets has been stolen in pyramid and reverse pyramid scams or old school Three Card Monte confiscations, so accordingly the term entitlement is a misnomer. A theft of labor property and assets cannot be used as some kind of magnanimous high principled bureaucratic decision.

American Exceptionailsm Barbaric Global Brand

'Barbaric' global brand represented by American apoplectic and philo-affinity for Israel in the Middle East as a artificial proxy state that could live above the law. The 'Barbaric' Global Brand crimes against humanity includes; hyper manufactured war militarism, destruction of civilizations, narco nexis state, crime against humanity, genocide, the continued theft of labor, property, and hard assets of global citizenry. That includes the confiscation by illegal wars and corresponding historical biblical environmental catastrophe of natural resources all interrelated, by way of deceptions. The 'Barbaric' global brand sanctimonious 'Light to the World' is not very visible. A dark and ominous neither visible nor bright mental perceptions. In other words very Dim light correlating to the c.1917 dynamic Dimilluminati hiding behind perfumed pedigree veneer of selective ethnic, national and religious perpetuation of superiority, and the corollary of power and prestige based on special meritorious qualities. The sanctimonious 'Light to the World' is not very visible and carries a pervasive and highly toxic odor of historic tragic failure.

Summary of satire and sad sacks. The DimIlluminati-DimElite has traversed total failure to new extreme toxic lows decending into barbarism and Blood-Drenched Darkness of American Exceptionalism delusions, and mythology. An historical and exceptional failure accelerating diminishing returns that has trapped the Dimilluminati perpetrators into the total catastrophic menace of unparalleled apocalyptic nuclear global war death and destruction of humanity. Manufacturing and attempting to duplicate c.1917 Bolshevik revolution, the Dimillumanti creates a vise, screwing themselves into their very own impotent demise by virtue of the fact of rendering the earth uninhabitable to all nature, organisims, flora fauna and human life as we know. "Goodbye America" Posted by Occidential Observer

"Let those save themselves who can" because we're all swept up in the madness now, and it's everyone for themselves. c.1754 Voltaire

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