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Promoting Junk Faith Parables Against Paramount American Core Values Across 10 Millennium Revolts

Promoting Junk Faith Parables Against Paramount American Core Values Across 10 Millennium Revolts

February 2011.....U.S. State Of The Union, promoting junk faith parables impacting a global demise. Alarming American Core Values of pompous ideals and high spirits recited by Nobel Peace Prize winner, from a monitor at staccato cadence, to the ultimate documented under performer class, the Congress of the United States.

Article by Michael Edwards writes: "It is clear that the American government is behaving in a coercive way against its people, similar to the dictatorial regime in Egypt and elsewhere who are being educated by Barack Obama as to the rules of conduct. It has forgone consent of the people in its mission to loot the nation's productivity and fill the coffers of unelected bureaucrats in the United States, as well as the offshore banksters who fund all sides of wars, revolutions, and manipulated economies. With an Internet kill switch set to be placed firmly in the White House, there is very little difference in the structure of oppression between the supposed Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, and countries which are in open revolt against such a system. The only consent being given to the current course of events in the U.S. is ignorance and apathy." Posted by Activist Post

Core Values and pompous ideals of a high spirit Nation of laws, democracy, opportunity, liberty, faith, land of freedom, home of the bravest, and free speech charade repeated ad nausea. Projected threats by forced clapping light monitors operating at full 220 volts of energy usage, protected by the largest offensive ruthless military satraps and police state budgets in recorded world history.

Automaton memorizing and a reciting of faith, freedom, and democracy of core value parables does not permit a crippled bureaucratic apparatus an exclusive pretext superiority against a 10 millennium history of other faiths, peoples, freedoms, and democracy. Posted by Jonathan Schell, The Nation "Power is disintegrating. It is in the streets. And now the people have a chance to fulfill their dreams of a better life."

The recorded history of ten-thousand year Egyptian culture cuts all Internet communication as the "U.S. Readies Internet Kill Switch Bill in Congress." Posted by Technology Today

U.S. Pompous Core Values Translate To Domestic And Global Tyranny

Simultaneously, global U.S. incendiary ignition infuriates indigenous Middle eastern peoples attempting to free themselves from the negative reverse impact. 30 years of a U.S. ridiculous pretense of pompous democratic ideals that translate to tyranny, mass murder, hell on earth death, intimidation, violence, destruction, terror, and torture of more than 1.7 million Iraq and Afghanistan and Middle Eastern 10 millennium history of indigenous peoples.

"Sixty-eight-year old ElBaradei, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, said the idea that "a dictator who has been in power for 30 years will be the one to implement democracy" was a farce." Posted by Raw Story.

Nobel Peace Prize Under Performance Versus Nobel Peace Prize Great Accomplishment

Nobel Peace Prize under performance a glaring charade versus Nobel Peace Prize genuine great accomplishment. American self admitted under performance challenged and addressed by former UN Egyptian Official Mr. M. El Baradei. Mr. El Baradei challenges the imposing conflict and aggressive illegal military attack against all indigenous Middle Eastern peoples of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt against their will and inherent human rights of self determination and preference to disengage from U.S. tyranny.

"Egypt is a lesson for America, teaching us to look at ourselves, at how free we really are. We are not so different, Egypt under Mubarak and America under what ever gang of financial criminals and foreign thugs is controlling the government today." Posted by Gordon Duff Veterans Today

Opposition Viewpoint Irrelevant and Nonexistent

U.S. self anointed reverse victim ideologues, self admitted poor performers, and documented gross crime underachievers ignores and dismisses all opposing viewpoint as irrelevant and nonexistent.

The outrageous lack of concern, for the will of 'We the People,' operates solely on a very fine line of desperation that includes continued and perpetrated apathy, fear, propaganda, looting, contempt, and manufactured ignorance of the populace. This absolute lack of concern for opposition and nonexistent 'Free Speech' accelerates the masses of global citizenry screams and cries for justice and Free Speech. No entity, individual, nation, government, select special interest group, religion, faith, or forum "owns" Free Speech.

The U.S. answers the worlds citizenry screams and cries for justice and Free Speech responding with imperious and arrogant manufactured apathy and ignorant knee jerk reaction. "Too Big To Failures" or "observers" hiding under 19th Century gunboat diplomacy against freedom loving Egyptians, East Asians, Middle Easterners, and the American populace.

"Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton has mobilized and will deploy to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt." Posted by

"Corrupt Politicians, Profiteers, Cooperative greedy culture, world domination by any means possible; Barbarism, false flagging, accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destruction while allowing criminal Zionist state like Israel to keep building than lying and denying "Courageous Speech" Posted by Dr. Dalia Wafti

American Capabilities of High Achievement No Longer Exists in Government Academia Finance

The America fast forwarded into the 21st Century no longer means attaining the fullest measure of capabilities and highest achievements. What does exist is false narrative pompous faith, democracy, freedom, and free speech false narrative parables shadowing the once heralded paramount "American Core Values."

"The Federal Reserve and the US Tax Code bastardized the American Dream, created barriers to economic advancement, and supported the accumulation of wealth and power by a select few. The ruling elite have used their power and control over the media to convince the majority of Americans that the American Dream is about accumulating material possessions with debt. The American Dream no longer meant attaining the fullest measure of your capabilities, but living in the biggest McMansion, driving the nicest BMW, watching the biggest TV and wearing the latest fashions, all acquired with debt. America is dying." Posted article American Eulogy
Tyrannical Self Admitted Under Performers Living Off the Corpse of Liberty Freedom Opportunity

American paramount Core Values of ideals and high spirit transitioned into a illegitimate charade by daily documented tyrannical arrogant and dismissive academic professional and financial banking underachievers of Nobel Prize accolades and awards imposing self inflicted reverse suicides.

Accelerating collusion with a pathetic bureaucratic apparatus of documented poor performance and self admitted gross poor underachievement. A fast forward impact of imposed and inflicted parody on the U.S. citizenry year after year, now a Century old.

Resulting in illegal global wars, terror, destruction, financial Armageddon, outrageous greed, and the theft confiscations of global and American populace labor, property, and assets. "Even the Troops Are Waking Up" Video by Winter Soldier

Documented and self admitted poor performance currently celebrating 100 years of failures since 1910 with U.S. Federal Reserve war against humanity and crony Wall Street crime organization theft scams against global labor property and assets of the populace Article Federal Reserve Instrument of War..

Wall Street organized crime, the theft and confiscation scams of mathematical impossibilities. Criminal gangbanksters that can only rig the percentage results to their favor, do not create wealth. These daily documented organized crime poor performers steal and rob wealth through rigged markets, and welfare bailouts of imaginary taxpayers ability to pay into the rigged corrupt system.. "Bonus Watch 2011" Posted by Business Week

The mathematical impossibility of sustained looting robbing and stealing of the Nation's productivity and wealth creation. $ 1 trillions of domestic and global wealth at $1 millions daily, every day, since Rome was founded and continue for 2,740 years. The estimated total of looting is now at 212 $ trillions equating to the daily theft of 212 $ millions daily and continue for 2,740 years. A mathematical impossibility using the false narrative paradigm equation of imaginary taxpayers and monetizing debt.

America's broken down ideology is consuming global Armageddon in the Middle East, including 1000 aggressive military offensive bases across the worlds spectrum of U.S. forced tyrannical dominance, to the detriment and will of 'We the People' and 10 millennial history and culture of indigenous peoples The eternal illegal occupation and pretext wars for other nations natural resources, property, assets, and labors simultaneously bankrupting the nations wealth, productivity, and creative opportunity.

American ultra self anointed reverse victims, admitted poor performance underachievers, and daily documented parasites hiding under the phony stellar patina of merit and false narrative paradigms including; select exclusive special interest group, religion, superiority, awards, accolades, pompous hollow yearly financial banking bonuses, SOTU yearly address, lazy intellect Hollywood celebrations, and academic parodies.

Ultra documented stupidity daily, a not so clever conditioning of the masses, with the barrel of a gun pointed to the populace heads, rapidly firing out loads of fear, apathy, ignorance, looting, loathing, contempt, cold blooded murder, torture, intimidation, violence, crimes against peace, and crimes against all of humanity!















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