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Columbus Day Celebrations Legacy Thanksgiving Day

Columbus Day Celebrations Legacy

October 2010............ Columbus Day Celebrations Legacy [1] and October Columbus Day celebrations parades and activities are now being finalized across America with great excitement..

Addressing the contemporary narrative [6] [7] relating to the onset of genocides of Indigenous Native peoples including the theft of natural resources labor, property, and wealth that is directed to Columbus 1492 Discovery. An adverse narrative that is growing each passing year and will not be going away anytime soon.

This timely release is not a conflict or ruse of historical facts but rather a correct perception of unaccountable responsibility [9] then 518 years ago and correlating to October 2010.

The essays [6] [7] "Transforming Columbus Day" Posted by Columbus Day Alliance [8] and further, "Celebrating Columbus and the European conquest of the Western Hemisphere that he set off is greatly analogous to celebrating the glories of nazism and Heinrich Himmler." [12] Posted by Ward Churchill. Both essays primarily manufactures omission and fail to point that Columbus was the titular employee agent and representative to the Crown of Spain Isabella. Additionally, historic publications relating to Columbus conveniently omit any reference or demagogy concerning absolute sovereign power influence then 518 years ago correlating to the American Empire of 2010

Queen Isabella Absolute Power

Spain was reigning sovereign Colonial European Empire of absolute power that dictated financed and controlled levers behind the scenes all explorers of 14th 15th Century era. Spain, Britan, France, Dutch, Italy, and Portugal controlled exploitative barbaric and colonial occupations through its explorer sailing fleets.

15th Century Minions

Therefore, Columbus [10] including the explorers representing their respective flag countries of the 15th Century were merely titular crony minions and satraps of Colonial European absolute masters and handlers. Minions and satraps [12] that were parroting verbatim the psychotic narrative sociopathic barbaric complexes of the times, for example; human torture, exploitation, war, conquest, illegal occupations, theft of labor, property, assets, wealth, and natural resources of Indigenous Nations.

Unaccountable Sociopaths

Unaccountable psychotic sociopathic complexes, underachievers, and diminishing returns repeated from 15th Century barbarism with striking parallels in the American Empire of the 21st Century [8].

Columbus along with all explorers of that era had no independent autonomy authority power force or policy influence dynamic on genocides; death, destruction, rape, pillage, theft of labor, property, wealth and natural resources on the new American Continent. There are no 21st Century American colonial occupiers, military agents, representatives, employees, satraps and minions of American broken Empire refusing to obey psychotic and barbaric sociopathic ideologies regarding illegal war, war against humanity, or war against peace. Geneva Conventions [14]

This is not a surprise that unaccountable responsibility 518 years ago of human torture, waterboarding, death by hanging, and "Destruction of Civilization" [15] confronts all modern day citizenry who choose not to tow the patriotic parody. Citizenry who have no power a military of satraps and minions ignoring 2000 years of 'SPQR,' 800 years of Habeas Corpus, US Constitution, Articles Bill of Rights, Military Code of Conduct, Geneva Conventions [14], and Nuremberg Tribunals representing 15th Century barbarism. Refusing barbarism not obeying orders is met with 21st Century U.S. Empire of extreme depravity; human torture, waterboarding, mass murder, "Destruction of Civilizations" [15] Posted by Jamed Petras PhD, war against peace, death by hanging, theft of labor, property and assets.

Puritans Escape to Refuge

Subsequently, Mayflower Puritans c.1620 [3] escaping religious persecution from European oppressors as victims, seeking refuge on the new continent, celebrating the first and only Thanksgiving Day. Consequently, religious Puritans transforming into colonial aggressors of self anointed 'reverse-fear-superiority-victims' [13] inherent European Empire sociopathic superiority complexes. Thereby, exposing a reverse 'victim becomes perpetrator' syndrome shadowing and exploiting the massacre and commencing genocide of Indigenous Nations peoples. Mayflower Puritans c.1620 and Christopher Columbus c.1492 Discovery are both interrelated to the barbaric thread propagated by colonial Empire through the ages right up to and including American Empire c.2010.

No Dispute or Argument Exists

Moreover, there exists no dispute or argument that 21st Century masses of global citizenry have no authority control or influence on the unhinged criminal empire paradigm [13] of U.S. ideologues sociopathic complexes. Extreme criminal U.S. colonial occupations; systematic evisceration [4] of its own financial and economic markets, rigged financial banking systems, illegal wars, war against humanity, war against peace, genocides, rape, death, "Destruction of Civilizations" [15], pillage, theft of labor, wealth, property and natural resources on the American, Middle East, Asian, and Global Continents. Geneva Conventions [14]

Strategy Tactics of Omissions

Notwithstanding, it is not unreasonable to conclude, cannot be disputed or argued in any forum, that the U.S. is a failed state of sociopath complex underachievers. 'To Big To Fail' replaced by parasitic cadres of 'To Big To Failures.' Underachievers repeating 15th Century barbarism colonial occupations and outrageous discrimination contempt of Indigenous Nations peoples and defenseless women and children. 21st Century America by manufacturing strategies and tactics of omission, manufactured ignorance, disconnect, perpetuating pious and sanctimonious parodies, and totally ignoring past historical factual legacy is working to the detriment of the streets [masses] 'We the People,' including crimes against all humanity, and the Geneva Conventions [14]

21st Century America in the first decade has no remorse for its documented bellicose barbarism and criminal belligerent illegal legacy, lacks all dignity of great nations, is totally devoid of humanity, disregards all human rights international laws, procedes uninhibited in absolute corruption. An Imperious empire unhinged trajectory on the cusp of self inflicted diminishing returns of demise and collapse. Christopher Columbus died in debtors prison in abject poverty.

SPQR The Senate and People of Rome

Italia and Italian Americans infused legacy passed down from 'SPQR' 'The Senate and People of Rome.' [2] Magnificent DNA transported in the Genes of Italia and Italian Americans from the Roman Empire to Christopher Columbus 1492 to America 2010 [11]. 'SPQR' 'The Senate and People of Rome' c.500/44BC to c.1635. The legacy and foundations to all fundamental Western civilization; culture, society, laws, science, technology, architecture, engineering, building, inventions, engineering, medicine, music, art, mathematics, literature, civilization infrastructures, and building engineering methodologies.

Uparalleled Genes

Italian Americans magnificent DNA unparalleled Genes reflected in the spirit, labor, faith, community, values, highest achievements, merit and accomplishment transferred to major building, nurturing, and creation of the new American Continent including 21st Century Global impact.

DNA Legacy Continues

Christopher Columbus [3] voyage to the new world brought the legacy from 'SPQR.' Italian Americans Genes of unparalleled spirit and values that will attempt to continue contributing the beauty of Italian culture to America in the 21st Century. [5]

Highest achievements, 'SPQR' legacy from the 'Senate and People of Rome,' Italian American Heritage [4] legacy, nurturers, builders of civilizations, accomplishments down through the ages defines every 'Columbus Day Celebrations' c. 2010

Authors Sources

[5] http://21stcenturyreversepyram/

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