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Societal and Cultural Comment on Italian Kitchens Italian Food Preparations

Societal and Cultural Comment on ITALIAN Kitchens ITALIAN Food Preparations

Philadelphia, PA August 2010... Tommy's personal polite comment..I do not recall while growing up greatGrandma or greatGrandpa at Sunday Dinners reminding us to be sure that we purchase particular brands of Italian food products or any products for that matter with K or U placard..

Therefore, both greatGrandma and Grandmother has passed to me the capacity and facility to arrive at my very own choices. Ciao

Loving All Things Italian

Loving all things Italian which is a very natural feeling for me, I had gone to the supermarket in my neighborhood to get a few items for a family get together. Being the pa drone, boss of all bosses of the house, for my kitchen I bought Italian Tomatoes/Basil, Cannoli Beans, Tri Colore Pasta my favorite brand name advertised 'Made in Italy' on the labels. Upon arrival at home I noticed a large 'K' 'U' ad on Made in Italy labels. Recently I acquired information that K or U is a worldwide secret tax on food. Apologies have gone out to company's relating to my incorrect assumptions, but I could care less about them or any food corporation food supplier that is secretly taxing me. A total fool conned by knaves. Nevertheless this is Tommy's impolite comment...........

From "BRINDISI" To Expletives

Well needless to say at this point I was singing "BRINDISI" The Drinking Song above the cash register ring at the check out counter.

So full of myself and my absolute clever self astute love of all things Italian. Dangerous with self assured knowledge, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, of Italian food preparation and Italian kitchens. I notice my selections have new labels with a K and U advertising placard. K or U commercial advertising mark is an indication of Kosher. Kosher a religious connotation having to do with Slaughtered Meats, but like Mixing of Dairy and Meat, MIGHT commercially have two thousand years ago been for SANITARY Reasons, it No Longer EXISTS in the 21st Century. The justification is that the BULK of The Laws KOSHER are for HIGHER STANDARDS OF SANITATION. Needless to say, this insidious 21st Century placard is neither an indication of religion or health its a simple basic Pyramid Scam hidden tax..

Italian Horns Growing Exponentially

My wife says that my Italian horns are showing and that I have major melt-down syndrome over nothing.....however, not being diagnosed with severe Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and absolutely refuse to be taken advantage by hidden taxes, social and cultural lazy intellect Hollywood, ESPN and definitely in disconnect on negative and insidious societal and cultural subject matters. l do not require nor do I need Pyramid Scam hidden taxes from the past 'K' or 'U' products in my house especially under the deception of commercial speech. They went right the Hell back to the supermarket instantaneously...Italian Horns were overheating, not aware that I even had horns. Foremost resentment was now boiling with knowledge of having my pockets picked by Three Card Monte and Pyramid Scams knowing that the blame for this theft scam will be directed to Italians by large corporations screaming its a "Ponzi Scheme." Major food suppliers will quote Italians duped them, what can you expect !

Little Knowledge Is A Very Dangerous Thing

I told my wife, I have zero interest in the marketing strategy or tactics department at any Italian Food suppliers, do not care one iota, nor do I bear any specific attachment of outcomes positive or negative present or future concerning food suppliers, who these companies decide to satisfy in their distribution. wholesale, and retail networks, their sales and marketing of focus groups, and/or their industry competitions. Food supply corporate policy has nothing to do with me specifically and/or any impact positive or negative in my kitchen including my personal lifestyle choices. My personal societal and cultural comment is just business not personal.

"I have NO deep psychological problems" was my response, to my wife ! Actually this is an inward indication that a very deep need exists to seek full-time employment, in other words you have nothing better to do.....My wife confirms "A Little Knowledge Is a Very Dangerous Thing" and also reminded me that Catholic School Nuns are my guide always "An Idle Mind Is A Workshop of the Devil." My pulse and temperature were now out of control. I started to see stars, the Nuns were correct, I told myself, "Tommy get a Grip."

Alleged Accusations

Now back to K or U Kosher labels the following analogies apply; any marketing department placing particular insidious connotations relating to health or religious logo, brands, ads, marketing or signs on products from any other country on the globe and receiving an exclusive privilege percentage from the supplier as standard business practice contracts or commercial free speech as outlined in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution will instantaneously be met with rabid 'Hate Speech' alleged accusations. 'Hate Speech' is now the societal norm. 'Hate Speech' often used to dismiss dissent and attempt to control public debate."

So we have insidious messages relating to what another entity decides to approve [commercial free speech] that is exclusive for purchase, with insidious Pyramid Scam hidden tax connotations. My impression was that America replaced Imperial Rome with PAX AMERICANA, again a true fool conned by knaves.

Conversely Stringent Rules Apply

Conversely, stringent rules apply to all other groups exercising or attempting to promote religious signs, logos, or monikers as commercial free speech. Additionally, extreme sensitive and stringent rules apply for all; opposing viewpoints, dissension, debate, or comments on social cultural choices.

WOW Italian horns all the way !!!! refer to c.1917 Communism i.e. the absolute iron fisted state ownership control of all Labor, Property, and Hard Assets of the individual through hidden taxes or Pyramid Scams. "Nor the government Nor any particular group "owns" Commercial Speech or Free Speech. The 1st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly.

Persistent Ignoring of Other Groups

Ist Amendment to the US Constitution, articles Bill of Rights are absolute and cannot be disputed or argued. Therefore, particular focus groups persistently ignore 1st Amendment US Constitution knowing full well that they cannot be argued or disputed and continue operating with past insidious notions of health standards used as special hidden taxes on food products.

Is there something wrong about this reverse logic analogy ? Who really cares? My wife says, that my Italian Horns show ever so bright!

Persistent Avoidance Personal Choice

Consequently, I decide not some arbitrary entity on specific personal choices, inherited from GreatGrandma GreatGrandpa and Grandma Nonna. If every food supplier in the world is K or U approved its my personal 21st Century social and cultural comment and choice to "purchase or starve to death." A choice dictated by natural inherent laws, not any man made deceptions.

I have recently acquired information that this is a worldwide hidden tax impacting the entire spectrum of very large corporations. Now I will definitely "Starve to Death." My only choice is to buy local and to buy very small mom and pop food brands. The video enclosed is titled "Worldwide Hidden Tax on Food." This particular video title is kind of quaint. This tax on food is a simple basic Pyramid Scam Hidden Tax. Moreover, I have NOT been singing "BRINDISI" just drinking Chianti avoiding new and approved K or U Italian Products spending extra money traveling to local independent food suppliers and getting ready to replace Rudolph's Red Nose at MERRY CHRISTMAS season with radiant Italian Horns shining ever so bright.

Tommy Tucci-No not that FBI Full Blood Italian
Italian American Heritage

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