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Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds

Italian-American Group UNICO Takes Issue With Mafia II, Take-Two Responds

Video Game TV Mobster Series Stereotyping

August 2010...PR GAMEASUTRA ....... UNICO National, which claims to be the largest Italian American service organization in the United States, has taken a stand against Take-Two Interactive in regards to the portrayal of Italians in Mafia II. Calling it "pile of racist nonsense", UNICO president Andre' DiMino is demanding that Take-Two hold back on releasing the title, which is due to hit retail on August 24th. Subsequent article Mafia 2 release and party Aug 28, 2010 "Why are they doing this to us.? Posted by Italica

Critical Response Addressing Outrageous Stereotyping

Notwithstanding, numerous articles have been posted that speaks to and criticizes the insidious double standards and the reverse victimhood industry that is now a major conflict to the spirit and values of all Italian Americans including masses of world citizenry. The overrepresented unhinged media barons on a daily basis with global impact propagating incendiary "pile of racist nonsense" that "perpetuates stereotypes of Italian Americans as violent, murderous mobsters," "I wonder if Strauss Zelnick, Take Two Chairman, has considered any Video Games based on the Jewish Murder Inc, aka the Combination. the "Syndicate", or the less known but equally vicious Purple Gang in Detroit or the current Kosher Nostra, Israeli Mafia, and Russian-Jewish Mafiia." Posted by Annotico Report

A particular striking parallel to Mafia 2 video games attack against Italian psyche and sustained insidious stereotyping is alluding to the counterfactual history of Mr. Carlo Ponzi that continues to be ignored, totally omitted from controversy, with extreme prejudice. Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid Scheme. The recent overrepresented Mr. Madoff theft of $50 Billion dollars from investors eclipses most Pyramid Scams in the annals of rigged financial and banking history. Mr. Madoff is a top profile of overrepresented stereotype that continues to be ignored, totally omitted from controversy, with extreme prejudice, typically eliminated from headlines, while attempting to sell the distraction of reverse victims syndrome To Big To Fail.

In the video presented above Madoff's attorney quotes
Pyramid Scam 2 in seconds time lapse, simultaneously mainstream media perpetuates Ponzi mythology deceptions to warp speed.

Phony PR Hype Buzz Copy And Media Spin

The manufacture of the phony PR hype copy deception in financial minute to minute daily media spin, succeeds in perpetuating and highly exacerbates psychological conditioning of the flawed 'patent' association of Italians while distracting from overrepresented special interest group double speak underachiever failures. This conditioning includes every Italian in all strata with 'patent' crimes, nefarious activities, criminal schemes, 1900's era buffoons, insidious video games Mafia 2 stereotyping, movies going back to the 1920's outrageous discrimination, TV history of lazy intellect Hollywood subject matter relating to Italians. Finally, the corrupt financial and banking cartels formula and methodology operating verbatim PR imitations of deception and distracting tactics and strategy that impact the wallets of individuals and global economies by the confiscation of labor, property and assets

Overrepresented Self Anointed Reverse Victims

Subsequently, through psychological conditioning and self anointed reverse victim hood by automaton overrepresented media, banking, financial, and bureaucratic apparatus minions. The disproportionate to world populations overrepresented special interest groups enables filtering through a controlled prism that permits negative subject matters, discrimination, and stereotyping, that result in social and cultural flawed acceptance, example stereotyping of Italians. Simultaneously, ignoring and refusing to acknowledge or filtering out subject matters double standard, as socially and culturally not acceptable such as Jewish overrepresentation in underachiever failures in every category of all subject matters. "Murder Incorporated, Jewish Gangsters in America." Posted by Michael Sugarman.

Then it's no surprise, blatant examples of overrepresented unconstitutional dysfunction of responsibility in categories such as; Finance, Banking, Foreign Policy, Academia, Media, Law, and Government c.2010 on the cusp of systemic demise, flaws, and collapse of America. Let's not cower down with out adding overrepresented rigged unaccountable and controlled industries; banking, financial, pharmaceutical, medical, health, contracts, prices, and markets with no controls on the horizon for the overrepresented special interest group while stringent laws are in effect for the majority and masses of global citizenry.

Response To Double Standards

Consequently, the answer to the question of "why" relating to all incendiary and negative issues concerning Italian Americans including UNICO post and multitudes of articles repeating subject matter is "because they can" perpetuate unhinged double speak, double standards, and project self anointed victim syndrome. The result of decades of manufactured conditioning of society and culture, conflicted by and with, the refusal to acknowledge and sustained to ignore the spirit and values of Italian Americans, Americans, and masses of global citizenry..

Disingenuous Buzz Hype Copy Asbury Park Press

Communication to Asbury Park Press a microcosm of published articles across the spectrum of global news reciting boilerplate counterfactual hype copy headlines thousands of times daily in every forum.. Reply to Mr. Bowmann Asbury Park Press August 12, 2010. re: APP Disingenuous Article "Lakewood NJ developer Eliyahu Weinstein arrested in alleged Ponzi scheme" Dear Sir: Exploitative media barons, news outlets, communicators, cavalier academics, educators, authors, publishers, editors, reporters, radio,TV, websites continue unabated to includePONZI” with the current demise of U.S. and world financial collapse. These sound bytes and buzz word copy implicate Italian-Americans 'patently' influencing illegal financial transactions which are basic simple "PYRAMID SCHEMES" operated by crony corrupt gang banksters of rigged market shams as a distraction. "Ponzi What's In A Name' Posted by Janice Mancuso Tutto Italiano. "iapsnj IAPSNJ Newsletter October 2009" Published article on page 22. Posted by Italian American Police Society.

"Consider returning to Graduate School for Finance & Banking........Repeating the name PONZI indicates highly over medicated dose of beta-blockers or possible hearing aid volume turned off "......

Conclusion Unhinged Arrogance

Summary, all response presenting critical viewpoints to outrageous discrimination and stereotyping just accelerates and transfers automatically to 'Hate Speech' and the '21st Century self anointed victimhood industry' that results in typical sanctimonious arrogance and is totally ignored in America's timeline, beginning in the 1900's right up to this latest public display war of words.

Update confirmation
pyramid scams, schemes, Ponzi, shams, Italian mobster, Mafia, and video games are deception formula for typical diversion and distraction methodology including strategy and tactics that disguise thedouble standard 'Free Speech' hidden ace card con game.

In a statement, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick responded to UNICO: "Mafia II tells a compelling story about organized crime in America -- a subject that for decades has been featured in movies, television shows and novels. Neither UNICO nor any other organization purporting to represent Italian-Americans has seen or played Mafia II," he wrote.

Moreover, "At Take-Two, we balance our right to free expression with what we believe is a thoughtful and responsible approach to creating and marketing our products," he continued. "Mafia II is M-rated in accordance with our industry's strict standards. It is specifically not targeted toward young people."

Authors very impolite response! Historical facts, events, time, place in recorded history relating to reverse discrimination and stereotyping cannot be disputed or argued in any forum or court. Therefore, by presenting a critical opposing viewpoint to the overrepresented self anointed victim industry, 'Free Speech' or 'Hate Speech' double standard is often applied. Historical facts, events, time, place is ignored and omitted and 'Free Speech' or 'Hate Speech' double speak is employed to typically minimize opposing viewpoints irrelevance, confirmed by
Mr. Strauss Zelnick's statement of disguised self anointed victim syndromes....

Ponzi What's In a Name. Posted by Janice Mancuso Tutto Italiano

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