Thursday, June 3, 2010

Occupied USA Global Plague On Humanity Failed State

USA Citizenry Live In An 'Occupied Country' Lacking Freedom And Democracy


c. May 31, 2010 Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla article by James Petras paragraph,"Israeli storm troopers invading Freedom Flotilla ship were turned into victims and the humanitarian pacifists were turned into aggressors." “Israeli Soldiers Met by Well-Planned Lynch Mob” (Jerusalem Post, March 31, 2010); “Israeli Soldiers Attacked” (IDF, March 31, 2010). Return three centuries to c.1700 Puritans escaping from religious persecution in England to reverse victimhood commencing genocide of indigenous Native Americans becoming original occupiers in the New Land transforming an entire nation to conditioned class victims branding indigenous Native Americans sub-human criminal perpetrators and terriorists. From the original settlers Mayflower c.1620 Puritans.

Friends Countrymen Americans and Citizenry the USA currently is a re 'Occupied Country' by The Voice of America. Conversely the nations apex pyramid power structure has for the last fifty years operated with great urgency to speed the USA demise and collapse transforming America to 21st Century re-Occupation by proxy parasite Double Speak Zionists. "A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State" by Paul Craig Roberts. Dr. Roberts: What is responsible for American success? "Propaganda. If truth be known, the US is a failed state."

"Failed State" third world Occupiers great 21st Century PLAGUE ON HUMANITY. "The US Zionist Power Configuration: The Daily Alert (May 31 – June 2, 2010), the official public propaganda organ of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations, published every scurrilous Israeli state lie, about the Israeli commandos being ‘lynched’, ‘attacked’ and the human rights victims being responsible for the death of their comrades … at the hands of Israeli commandos. Not a single deviation, not a single word of criticism in Defense of the Massacre" by Global Research James Petras. Americans have bought paid swallowed and tow the line for the proxy parasite Victimhood Industry [Proud reverse victims since 2500 AD].

Incriminating evidence is provided daily by over represented reverse victims Double Speak ideologues, misanthropes, problematic government bureaucratic apparatus, cavalier academics, parasitic financial cartels, proxy Zionist cold blooded murderers and media shills "NATO Could Not Have Been Unaware" by Manlio Dinucci, operating with crony criminal banking barons. [NY Times, June 1, 2010]. "For the US mass media the problem is not Israeli state terror, but how to manipulate and disarm the outrage of the international community. To that end the entire Zionist Power configuration has a reliable ally in the Zionist Obama White House and US Congress." by James Petras. Friends Americans Countrymen Global Citizenry discover subtle insidious reverse victim Divide and Conquer tactics of levers controlling everyday lives of global citizenry by abolishing the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, murder of American citizenry, absolute control of interest rates, taxation, inflation, theft of labor property assets of citizenry, manufactured war on civilization, and rigged markets across the world spectrum. Through extreme depravity, manufactured fear conditioning, corrupt mainstream media, apprehension, myths, parasitic misanthropes, distraction by cavalier academics, deflections, subterfuge, manipulated rigged pyramid controlled financial and economic market scams and schemes, and by their individual self duplicitous criminal testimony before Congress exposing themselves to calculated 'Double Speak Great Failure' agenda. "A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within" c.103BC Cicero "They are all honorable men" c.44 BC Marc Antony.


What is the single primary factor of illegal brutal Occupation and cold blood murder of its citizenry and destruction of civilization across the global spectrum? Lets attempt to answer this cryptic dilemma. Is it the military industrial complex, CIA, FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, Army, Navy Stealth Air Force, NSA, Justice Department, corrupt media, reverse victimhood complexes, cavalier academics, or Congress? If your answer is yes to all of the above, you are totally correct even if you are incorrect you belong to the 'To Small To Save' crowd.

America is an extreme abhorrent Plague On Humanity because Americans have bought swallowed and paid for the Double Speak Reverse Victim Hood Industry. Proud reverse victims since 2500 AD manufactured America into the greatest industry the world has ever witnessed 'THE REVERSE VICTIM INDUSTRY.' Precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious, culture, and ethnic divide and rule methodology. Employing dynamics of subterfuge moral-intellectual-superiority-merit illusions and reverse victimology strategies including 'To Big To Fail.' Consequently, shadowing the automaton policy of incompetence, parasite sociopath Double Speak, and merit-less supreme criminal lazy intellect cold blooded murderers and under achievers. USA Occupation forced policy includes illegal corrupt bureaucratic ideologues, perpetuation of victimology, genocides, brutal occupations for other nations natural resources, war crimes, crimes against humanity, destruction of civilizations, and environmental catastrophe.


"America is admitting that it is no longer a sovereign nation. "Goodbye America" by Occidential Observer. It can’t, it won’t protect its citizens, it won’t even act in concert with the international community. America is a colony of a police state, a colony of a terrorist evildoer." written by Gordon Duff in his article 'What Israel's Execution of An American Teen Means." It should be no great surprise then at the over represented reverse victims Occupation of America by absolute Zionist Control. Repeating striking parallels of history, the imitation c.1620 Pilgrim Occupation genocides with c.1917 Wall Street Revolution of Czarist Russia and mass murder of 50 million Imperial Russian Citizenry. "None Dare Call It Bolshevik by History Project. "A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within" c.103BC Cicero

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