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Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus; "archway") was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January, which begins the New Year. New beginnings 21st Century America repeats 400 years of historic 'lone nut' New Year blunders. The nation's first decade of the 21st Century was spent repeating Julius Caesar "Divide et Imperia" c.53BC with increased manufactured fear and illegal wars throughout the world. Simultaneously eviscerating its very own citizenry financial and economic systems. The audacity of this plundering of national treasuries has been a resurgence in stock market values, massive profits for major banks, and a ballooning of banker’s bonuses, on the one hand, and a ruthless assault and theft on the jobs, wages labor and property of the world's citizenry on the other. New Year decade 2010 begins with 'lone nut' distraction Christmas airport underpants bomber opening up another war against civilization in Yemen. Military invasion occupation of Haiti under moniker of humanitarian assistance. Including installation of cancer death scanner machines in all airports. The US continues plundering it's citizenry labor, property and wealth by assaulting the world like a giant militaristic Colossus of Fear. A country with only five per cent of the world's population it accounts for almost 50 per cent of global arms spending, 750 military bases on the planet. The only country propagating manufactured fear and illegal wars that manifest exponential criminal theft of labor, property, wealth, including destruction of civilization.


The SPIRIT of all ITALIAN AMERICANS represented by Mr. Ferdinand Pecora was born in Nicosia, Sicily, the son of Louis Pecora and Rosa Messina. 1932 Picora Commission Chief Counsel to the United States Senate Committee on Banking and Currency during its investigation of Wall Street banking and stock brokerage practices on the corruption of Wall Street and the Great Depression. Mr. Ferdinand Pecora's presence was an extremely dark time in America's Great Depression when Italians were considered low life criminals, anarchists, stupid uneducated buffoons, did not own shoes, and subject to constant ridicule. Today's over represented bureaucratic criminal apparatus and their media parasite cronies continue ridiculing Italian Americans repeating the manufactured distraction that Italian American Mr. Carlo Ponzi myth is the singular cause and effect of global financial economic demise. Propagating myths, negative connotations, perpetuating outrageous discrimination's, stereotyping, and double standards impact all nationalities, religions, race, nationalities, ethnic groups and masses of global citizenry. Transforming 21st Century America into yet another Great Depression dark history. The current outrage on main street America relating to [source] criminal banking barons and parasitic Wall Street's continued theft of citizenry labor and property will repeat a new 'PECORA COMMISSION.' Slated to commence this year 2010. Mr. Pecora's Commission and spirit of the law 1932 will be perverted and transformed in 2010. Transformed by the Security Exchange Commission SEC and instantaneously reversed to manufactured distraction double standard diversions that will result in 'cosmetic perfume on a pig veneer' transforming all bureaucratic criminal apparatus, zombie banking barons, parasitic Wall Street, including the autonomous Federal Reserve into free market victims and the US citizenry into perpetrators and useless eaters.


All doubt confirmed by Mr Timothy Geithner Secretary of US Treasury Obama administration. Confirmation that over represented criminal bureaucratic zombies while celebrating January's upcoming advances and accomplishments on Dr Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday. Simultaneously bureaucratic and media criminals abort c.1776 Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution "For the People By the People Of the People" the legacy inherited from c. 200BC Roman Empire to entire Western law culture and society "SPQR" "Senate and the People of Rome" c. 1215 Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus is totally circumvented is morphed and systematically transformed. Transformed by stealthy subliminal operatives into forced 'By Criminals' 'For Criminals' 'Of The Criminals' who have branded themselves supreme victims inflicted with severe moral-intellectual-superiority-merit mythology complexes. Accountable to no law, natural, the legacy from SPQR 'Senate and the People of Rome,' or 1215 Magna Carta with absolute total lack of remorse for any illegal actions. America above the law imperious arrogant belligerent bellicose distractions recently exposed before the world "no entity government individual or nation is above the law" [source} Italia courts convicting 23 US CIA agents. 2000 years of factual historic advances "SPQR" "Senate and the People of Rome" civilizing most of the known worlds barbarians. Introducing all Western basic principles of law culture organizing society and civilizations. Advances include 600 years of Italian American contributions and nurturing of the new American continent. American 'lone nut' travesty reverses 2000 New Years spirit of inherited legacy of laws, culture, society, and civilization transforming its citizenry and the global masses into barbarians and the earth into an ashtray. Not a pretty story of America "Light To The World" or Mr. Pecora's specific performance spirit of the law.

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