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The Antitheses of One Man's Dream and Lifetime of Greatest Humanitarian Accomplishments

The Antitheses of One Man's Dream and Lifetime of Greatest Humanitarian Accomplishments

January 2011...... The antitheses of one man's dream. The calender celebration of the greatest threat to American Imperialism has transposed itself into a joingoistic deception.
Dr Martin Luther King Jr's birthday in January, never reached the mountain top. However, his name and life's accomplishments for all indigenous dark and poor peoples has become an iconic figure and date that exposes the pinnacles of greatest threat to global security, more than 44 years ago right up to and including January 2011. MLK.s famous speech in Harlem, NYC c.1967. Striking parallels that remains fully descriptive of the USA c.2011 44 years later .

Time To Break Silence

Dr Martin Luther King Jr speech in Harlem, New York "A Time To Break Silence." Time Magazine called the speech "demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi," and the Washington Post declared that "King had diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country, his people."

The documented statements quoted by Time Magazine and the Washington Post 47 years ago confirm in 21st Century America that insidious isolation from its citizenry, outrageous discrimination, and diametric opposition to the select exclusive special interest groups exists. c.2011 "Washington Post shows U.S. is a rogue nation on the cusp of madness" Posted by Veterans Today

No entity, individual, Nation, forum, select exclusive special interest groups, CFR, "Think Tanks," Congress, military satraps, will repeat or recite the quotation or speech "The Greatest Exporter of Violence on the Planet is My Government" celebrating the birth date of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Executive Branch Bureaucratic Deceptions

Congress singing and swaying in unison to the banter of all we are saying is "All War All The Time" and "Let's Not Give Peace A Chance" operating the "al-CIAduh" terrorist deception continue to ignore all human rights, operate torture black sights, dismiss the Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg Tribunals, Military Code of Honor, distract from illegal war and occupation for other Nations natural resources, commit Genocides, and accelerate the confiscation of global masses of labors, property, and hard assets. "John F. Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King Jr versus tyranny, secrecy, and oppression." source

Operating the cruel deception of celebrating Dr Martin Luther King Jr spirit by attaching jingoistic patriotic parodies and omitting his greatest accomplishments to the detriment of 'We the People' and indigenous dark and poor peoples of the world.

Cruel Underachievers

"Obomb'Em All' Wins Ignoble PEACE Prize" Posted by Newsy. Repeating the arrogant cadence and the imperial audacity of associating with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 'Non Violence.' Obomb'Em All ignoble speech refers to his personal "moral force of non-violence."

'Obomb'Em All' by his actions of violence throughout the world is counter intuitive, lacks all humanity, and is diametrically opposed to iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's greatest accomplishments. A documented and admitted underachiever who represents an agenda of distracting from the true deception of shadowing the select exclusive special interest group and self anointed reverse victims, Zionist bureaucratic and media apparatus.

Corrupt media representing bureaucratic apparatus Washington Post who declared the US Constitution has no validity while simultaneously profits from the First Amendment to the US Constitution the right to "Free Speech." No government, entity, select special interest group owns "Free Speech." US Constitution Articles Bill of Rights protect We the People from the underachieving Government.
"Threats and assaults against the US Constitution "Free Speech" and 'We the People' result in alarming the masses to the diminished returns the self imposed manufactured collapse of an impotent bureaucratic apparatus!" Posted by Aljazeerah Editorial

Summary Greatest Threat To Global Survival

"The greatest exporter of violence on the planet is my government Dr Martin Luther King Jr. c.1967." U.S. mainstream media's attempt to disconnect from historical factual events by eliminating all reference to iconic Dr Martin Luther King Jr 'Greatest Accomplishments.'

Injecting counterfactual events, circumventing from unfolding International War Crimes, and repeating false narratives perpetrated by 'Obomb'Em All' proxy cold blooded Zionist double speak failed state. "A Plague on Humanity" Posted by Dr Paul Craig Roiberts. An absolute and total deception of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's lifetime accomplishments shadowing the accelerated war on humanity. The antitheses of one man's dream and greatest humanitarian accomplishments for indigenous dark and poor peoples . Islamophobia at what cost to US interests?" Posted by Opinion Maker.

Encompassing the Too Big to Fails, criminal underachiever Czars, corrupt mainstream media, select exclusive special interest groups, monopolistic financial banking, failed bureaucratic apparatus, and financial baron cartels interrelated with the unrelenting attack on 'We the People' labors property hard assets and the self appointed reverse victims proxy vengeance of eternal war on humanity.












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