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America's Chances Greater of Being Hit By Lightning vs Terrorists

America's Chances Greater of Being Hit By Lightning vs Terrorists

Americans chances are greater being killed or hit by lightning in a bathtub than being hit or killed by global terrorists.

The marriage of terrorism and victim industry. A self anointed reverse victim ploy that embraces fake events begins with U.S. Homeland Security manufacturing the terrorism market place. Simultaneously and conveniently representing as exclusive sales agents the companies for airport cancer scanning machines, and super expensive 70's technology bomb sniff package machines . 70's technology forced on the US Postal System for all mail packages and old x-ray technology increased to airport full body cancer scanning technology .

Underpants Bomb Shakes U.S. Mighty Military

Veterans Today Gordon Duff writes "WHO PROFITS FROM FALSE FLAG TERROR? "The first thing to come to mind is, of course, scaring the public to stop looking at their own government, its mismanagement, the massive corruption and the foreign influence that many say makes America seem more and more like a “colony.” " The invasion of Iraq had some very interesting aspects to it, too many to count but these are worth looking at." [2] Posted by Gordon Duff

Shoe bomber, Christmas underpants bomber, alleged Yemen copy-boy [4] cartridge bomber, and 19 box cutter terrorists versus U. S. greatest military industrial complex in history and self anointed artificial reverse victims of fear industry [14]. "Yemen Oil Choke Point" [16] Posted by William Engdahl. The 2009 [3] U.S. military budget accounts for approximately 40% of global arms spending and is over six times larger than the military budget of China.

Preemptive illegal invasions and occupation of sovereign nations natural resources [16]. Bankers masking themselves as Nobel prize winners of highest achievement. Ignoring and eviscerating Global citizenry with fraudulent confiscations of life liberty labor wealth assets and property from the greatest criminal scam artists in history. Committing global genocides and destruction of civilizations [11] "When an event occurs that changes the dynamics of the geopolitical spectrum, there is only one question that needs to be asked, no matter what kind of information is being force-fed to the public" Posted by Mask of Zion. Finally, waging accelerated preemptive conflict versus the inherent Laws of Natures Forces and the Negative Mathematical Consequences of criminal frauds [13] [16].

Theft of Labor Wealth Life Liberty

"All Wealth is the Product of Labor"-John Locke c.1654. American values labor spirit faith and community is deflected from corrupt government deceptions, and mismanagement of financial banking economic policy. Manufactured deceptions self anointed reverse victim methodology is the fundamental root cause number one flaw and myth of U.S. preeminent Light to the World. Terrorists with 19 box cutters wearing just underpants and holes in their shoes are not going to preempt the force of lightning or the mighty 2000 pound bombs of the U.S.military machine. Resulting in the conflict of killing its citizenry and confiscating labor, wealth, assets, property, and liberty. America's accelerated race to the bottom of empires by eviscerating is own financial banking and economic demise and creating terrorism fear by paralyzing its citizenry intelligence.

Michael Hudson writes [1] "The Insanity of the Big bank Job 700 Billion Dollar Giveaway" paragraph; "The very first course in economics –starting in high school, followed up in college and then refined in graduate school – should explain to students why it is false to believe the advertisement that Wall Street has been trying to sell for the past half century: The deceptive promise that an economy can get rich off the mathematical “magic of compound interest.” Posted by Michael Hudson.

It is not unreasonable to question, it cannot be disputed or argued that Christmas underpants terrorist threat versus 2000 pound bombs reigning down on defenseless woman and children is an absurdity perpetuated by U. S. self anointed reverse victim cold blooded murders methodology [5] [13]

Accelerated Return to Barbarism

The first decade of the 21st Century America races to finish at the bottom of all past empires of history. U.S. uninhibited ideologues ignore and omit the legacy inherited from SPQR [10] and return to barbarism Geneva Conventions [12].
No person, entity, or government can dispute or argue in any forum that broken down America by operating terrorism myths is ignoring and omitting 2000 years of 'SPQR' from the Senate and People of Rome' [10] foundations to all basic Western Laws, Civilization, Society and 1000 years of history, law, and humanity rising from the ashes of feudalism. "A Failed State" [7] Posted by Paul Craig Roberts. America broken c.2010 accelerating at high speeds a return to barbarism, feudalism, war, death, destruction of civilization, suspension of 1000 years of basic inalienable human rights [9] bellicose and belligerent threats to return civilization back the the ashes [5] of time. "We Will Obliterate Them" [8] Hillary Clinton.

Consequently, because it cannot be disputed argued or questioned in any forum by any individual entity or nation America defies challenges accelerates its failure dynamic by deceptive terrorism, fear, corruption, war against humanity, and war against peace [13] self imposed self inflicted methodology against the will and to the detriment of [6] We The People. Chronology of recorded history has taught us that Barbarism led to the Dark Ages that led to the Renaissance.

Therefore, there is no dispute or argument that trajectory and speed of U.S. marriage of the terrorism industry and reverse fear-victim industries. Notwithstanding, self inflicted crimes against humanity includes: global destruction, barbarism, torture, operating ultra cryptic deceptions, Genocide, and creating an imaginary enemy on every street corner, is leading America to the Dark Ages post haste.

Americans chances are greater being killed or hit by lightning in a bathtub, or by their own government, than being hit or killed by artificial global terrorists and underpants bombs..

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