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Whistle Blower Admits Knowledge of U.S. Systemic Wall Street Financial Welfare and Real Estate Equity Foreclosure Fraud Bailouts

Whistle Blower Admits Knowledge of U.S. Systemic Wall Street Financial Welfare and Real Estate Equity Foreclosure Fraud Bailouts

Responsibility for the systematic private corporation banking financial TARP welfare frauds confiscations and thefts have been admitted with full responsibility. Speaking from a secret and remote undisclosed location whistle blower admits to the specific formula and methodologies schemes that are totally responsible for the systemic global banking financial and economic meltdown. Forcing a relunctant government and banks prying into every single aspect of life, just waiting for a reason to place restrictions on everything citizenry have worked so hard to attain? The breaking news permits, U.S. Treasury Department announcement that "U.S. Treasury will commence total control and circulation over of all money value and wealth creation, which belongs to We the People." [3]

US Federal Reserve Treasury Big Banks Statement

"Today, to the relief of all executive board rooms alarming fraudulent schemes and scams along with fears of total collapse of our financial systems are put to rest. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that one individual has caused our great economic dynamo to screech to a grinding halt. The American people will learn that their nations leaders in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the military establishment have been tirelessly and diligently working to keep them safe and their wealth labor and assets protected."

Nation of Laws Protection Under US Constitution

The people of this great nation will always be protected under the laws formulated by the founders of this Republic from c.1776. The American people by their rugged individualism, in exhaustive labors, undying faith, and love of community built this country into the worlds leader c.2010. No group, individual, entity, special interest, ethnic, religious, nationality is above the law. Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, DEA, NSI, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Defense are working in accelerated unison to bring this single individual to account for these egregious crimes against the American people and the entire global community of humanity. Global citizenry currently are in the throes of a debt death spiral created by this individual and seek retribution by filing organized crime conspiracy charges under the 'RICO Statute' [17] [18] [21].

Criminal Formulas Methodologies Scams

Subsequently, to this date the majority opinion was that the community of Wall Street finance big banking were colluding with the privately held Corporation Federal Reserve System and insider bureaucratic apparatus operating deceptive and illegal welfare bailout schemes. However, sources have gleaned information relating to formula methodologies and applications that were imitated in secret copied verbatim by crony and corrupt criminal elements within the financial system with no knowledge of any major establishment figures.

These particular criminal operators 'bad apples' just copied and imitated the original algorithm pyramid scheme that enabled trillions of dollars of wealth to evaporate from the American economy. Pyramid scheme theft includes 50 States pensions systems, US military and defense budgets, Wall Street markets, Real Estate equity mortgages, government social programs, and individual pension and retirement accounts.

Pleading relief, banking lenders and Wall Street financiers resent false alleged accusations targeting them with names like criminals, predatory, corrupt , phony market capitalism, speculators, and the creation of the housing crises debacle. An immediate terse statement was fired off to the American free press that " financial and banking crises overcome by extenuating negative circumstances struggling with an avalanche of surprise mortgage conveyances has been satisfied. Look for long term strength of the dollar reserve currency and a bull market to hit 100 thousand points."

Background Recurring Mystery

High officials at the Justice Department are studying leaks related to the resume and profile of this creator and inventor of the greatest scam in history. Collaboration currently is operational with all leading Nobel prize winners, tenured academics, PhD mathematicians, computer science designers engineers computer technical applications and disciplines.

Persons close to this investigation are in disbelief that information gathered so far indicate the admitted perpetrator is an uneducated immigrant, former convicted sentenced felon, and small time buffoon lacking any connections to everyday academia, banking, sophisticated computer technology, financial expertise, U.S Treasury Department, or the London-Wall Street establishment. .

Speculation and questions are abounding as to what systems were used to create this greatest scam in history by an uneducated foreign immigrant. The mystery surrounding this anomaly took place before electronic calculators, or high speed computer applications using a century old slide rule [24] for mathematical problem solving and rigged logarithm schemes invention. Logarithm scheme example, the stealth theft of $1 trillion would have had to commence robbing labor property and assets at $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today. Certainly a near impossible challenge for highly technical sophisticated super computer applications, let alone an uneducated lone individual!

Unfolding Events Begin in the 1920's

The alleged self admitted scam artist inventor extraordinaire somehow was able to eclipse former and past Kings, Nations, Financial Banking Barons, 21st Century Nobel Prize winners, Ivy League highest achievers of merit and scholarship and their monopoly over every previous scam theft and rigged market schemes in recorded history. Nonetheless, the belief of this sophisticated mathematical superiority creation becomes even more strange discounting the absolute power and controlled money and finance of King Charles ll of England c.1620 [1], South Seas Trading Rigged Bubble of the 1700's [13], Wall Street-London rigged markets scams of 1800's [13], the private central banks of the 1900's [14].

Superseding 400 Years of Rigged Schemes

Delete this allegory you are completely conditioned to the propaganda of the 'magic of compound interest' [20]. Sovereign States do not operate free market capitalism with corrupt systemic private bank barons [1] [6] [11] [22] charging interest on worthless fiat paper schemes [9], fraudulent mortgage conveyance, or QE-1 QE-2 monetizing debt by private gangbanksters [10], Simultaneously, no historical evidence exists that a pretext lone foreign immigrant has become a symbol of responsibility and is the primary exclusive cause and effect inventor of global financial collapse.

Returning back to the turn of the century 1900's to confirm America's persistent refusal dynamic of manufactured corrupt debt failures [11]. We find none other than the anathema Mr. Carlo Ponzi vs Concept. Mr. Carlo Ponzi [7] branded as the cause effect and inventor superseding centuries of global financial collapses including 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st Century manipulation of rigged market scams prior to his birth in 1882. Subsequently, in less than a year and a half contemptuous uneducated Italian immigrant Mr. Ponzi is credited with invention, innovation, creator of sophisticated and complex mathematical logarithm equations on ROI, and cryptic algorithms working with a slide rule [24] prior to electronic calculators and extreme high speed technical computers and ultra sophisticated computer applications. Thereby circumventing supreme robber barons and their crony New York bank and finance monopoly. People of the world, the phony Ponzi symbolic branding dared to imitate the corrupt rigged scams of his era and died in abject poverty.

Circulating this small time Italian Immigrant into a unique symbol and negative marketing brand is totally artificial gibberish deflection manufactured by Zionist control of academia and media [4] [5] bordering on imaginary alien UFO's inventing lightbulbs. American regressive media, cavalier academics, gangbanksters [2] [11] [14] [22] financial editors, book publishers, savants, seers and crony underachievers fail to mention ignore and omit from publications deflect all challenge that the name Ponzi is not an hypothetical concept artificial symbol, or brand. Mr. Carlo Ponzi was an uneducated Italian immigrant with no prior knowledge of algorithm ROI formulas, inventor of highly technical mathematical logarithm equations, unique and original conduits to finance and banking, or business techniques of that era in 1900. An era of extreme contempt for all foreigners and immigrants.

Small Time Felon Eclipses Stellar Ivy League Merit Scholarship

Uneducated small time weak convicted felon with no conduit connection to corrupt bank barons of his era [14]. Notwithstanding, the perpetuation of outrageous stereotype discrimination by the lazy intellect 21st Century under performing underachiever class [4] [5]. Elites manufacturing the counter factual historical event that Ponzi symbolism eclipses stellar Wall Street ivy league merit genius scholarship sophistication and superiority indicates severe mental incongruity and exposing extreme ambiguity in common sense and and basic human logic. Simultaneously, deflecting crimes shadowing thefts by artificially announcing that the name Ponzi indicates fraudulent schemes that supersedes 400 years of rigged market scams [14]. The only individual who dared to imitate 400 yeas of pyramid scams resulting in alarming and alerting the status quo [18] Boston-New York self anointed victim bank barons and their exclusive rigged market monopolized phony 'magic of compound interest" schemes [10].

Gangbanksters [2] [11] there exists no challenge, indication, exclusivity, historical facts, analogous to Ponzi invention. Therefore, the lack of challenge and exclusive historical proven facts exposes a severe anal reverse self anointed victim syndromes. Global citizenry are very cognizant, humanity is not ignorant to U.S. uninhibited criminal crime organizations protected by paid bureaucratic apparatus from rigged and corrupt market schemes, RICO Statutes [21] jail terms [18] and the fundamental root cause of financial economic global demise and collapse.

Summary Saga of Sad Sacks

WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM NOT SUSTAINABLE. "The U.S. financial system and the world has evolved on the Bank of England model [1] is not sustainable [14]. It creates nearly all money as debt. Such money only exists as long as someone is willing and able to pay interest on it. It disappears, wholly or partially, in recurring financial crises. Such a system requires that new debt must be created faster than principal and interest payments fall due on old debt " [11]. Posted by John H. Hobson

Consequently, the only whistle blowers are paid shills, under performers, clowns, jokers, underachievers, and lazy intellect criminals shadowing and distracting citizenry from forced deceptions [8] [22] of 21th Century American political, financial, global, military, social and economic failure dynamic [9] [23] operating above the U. S. Constitution Laws [3] "A Plague on Humanity" [19] [23] Posted by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Absolute and total reverse psychological conditioning by corrupt criminal crime organizations [18]. Selling and marketing citizenry the artificial dual concepts of 'magic of compound interest' and being 'debt free.' Simultaneously creating debt from thin air thereby confiscating labor, property, and assets 'The Big Bank Job The Insanity of the 700 Billion Giveaway." [20] Posted by Michael Hudson

November election deception, "The Debt Free America Act calls for a 1% tax to be paid for every monetary transaction whether in cash or by check with every bank or financial institution in the US. This bill is slated to be 'approved' during the Christmas vacation, to keep it as secret as possible in order to finish the transfer of wealth from all citizens to the banks and the government." [12] Posted by Snopes "The bill is HR-4646 a lot of hot air and hoax for November election distractions with generating debt scams." [15]

It is not unreasonable to conclude that the U. S. is a failed state [19] [23] operated by criminal crime organizations and proud admitted victims and failures. Operates financial and banking debt hoaxes, frauds, rigged markets, deceptions, deflections, and disconnects to the detriment of the very citizenry they took an oath of office to serve and protect. A corrupt government apparatus and criminal gangbanksters prying into every single aspect of life, just waiting for a reason to confiscate everything citizenry have worked so hard to attain? Therefore, it cannot be disputed or argued that 'Debt Free' [2] 'magic of compound interest' are trick terms for perpetuating diminishing returns confiscation and theft of labor property and assets by 'Too Big to Fails replaced by cadres and legions of 'Too Big to Failures.' [16] [19]

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