Friday, October 9, 2009


Singing to the banter of all we are saying is "All War All The Time" and "Let's Not Give Peas A Chance" Obama's audacity of associating with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 'Non Violence.' Obama's ignoble speech refers to his moral force of non-violence. Obama by his actions of violence throughout the world is counter intuitive to iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's great accomplishments. "The greatest exporter of violence on the planet is my government." The country's pathetic top leadership guardians of our US Constitution and Bill of Rights practicing great urgency to speed the US demise and conclusion to third world status continues unabated. Incriminating evidence is provided on a daily basis that the top financial and government leadership through extreme depravity subterfuge controlled scams schemes mockery Winning the Ignoble Peas Prize and by their individual self duplicitous testimony before Congress exposing their grand Great Failure agenda. "They are all honorable men" c.44 BC Marc Antony


War criminals continue genocide subterfuge and distractions such as fighting terrorists, and spreading democracy, US Senators Threaten New Sanctions Against Iran, while intentionally annihilating [creditor] countries back to the stone age. eliminating global masses holding worthless paper debt Treasury Bonds. All the while diverting attention from mass murders illegal invasions presenting sanctimonious accolades to themselves. Liberty Medal to Shoah Berg for great contributions perpetuating American myths and Ignoble Peas Medal to President Obomb'em All for war criminal policy and genocide. Debt schemes and scams began centuries ago as Treasury Debt. Schemes originated in England c.1660 under King Charles ll "The Merry King." see.....The Secret History of Government Debt (Treasury Bonds). The pitiful Great Failure continues daily with total simplistic and rudimentary controlled scams examples; manipulated government policy, faking pious accolades of impacting millions of people lives in a positive leadership roles, exporting across the global spectrum nothing beneficial to humanity, and daily theft of the worlds labor and property. These scams are the dynamic force that drive automaton government manufactured policies impacting every citizen on earth, with illegal military conquest, wars occupation for natural resources, famine, depressions, recessions, poverty, disease, misery, grief and death for world domination "Divide et Imperia" Divide and Conquer c.53BC Julius Caesar.


Not using imperial military power but declaring all worthless fiat currency and paper Treasury Debt null and void. Full faith and confidence of the US Government is not guaranteed. The disproportionate role of sham leadership Wall Street exploitative elites and turn of the century robber barons operating all manipulated pyramid scams are transferring enormous global wealth churning the pyramid of buy and sell worthless paper in exchange for the world and America's citizenry lifetime of earned labor work and property assets. Detroit homes selling for $1000. The masses of humanity control their labor and property assets. Labor creates property the dynamic Wall Street scams robs your labor and property GREAT FORTUNE. China calls time on dollar hegemony


Imperial fatigued domestic and foreign policy power structures has become the greatest terrorist threat to its own existence and will take the entire global community down with it. This leadership can continue to print all the fiat scrip and receive all the fake medals that can be minted and printed See the futile Hiroshima Nagasaki mass civilian murder to discourage the Soviet power in the Pacific. Nothing will change the fact that there are two choices the imperialists face default or unleashing military machine. No individual or entity alive today with functioning logic can comprehend the insensibility and psychopathic mindset behind this calculated and intentional goal of impending collapse. Two choices default or unleashing the extreme psychopathic military machine is left confronting America in the 21st Century. "The noblest kind of retribution is not to become like your enemy" c. 170BC Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

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